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2008 A Good Year to Become a Fly-Fisherman

August 14, 2009
by James Feldbaum
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I have already lamented the sorry state of IT consulting in a previous blog, but today’s KLAS Report sheds some light on the state of the industry. EMR sales hit a seven-year low in 2008. Also in the news was a report of layoffs at Kaiser with a loss of 700 jobs from the data center and 160 from its IT workforce.

Still, there is hope. 2009 still has the potential for a turn-around since “meaningful” use of the EMR, although still a buzz-word is being recognized as an ethical obligation. Quality care has been recognized as cost effective care and only a well designed and well implemented EMR will achieve this goal. In the meantime I am working on my fly fishing skills with the full faith and knowledge that soon I’ll be trading the river for a seat on a Delta commuter.




I think you'll soon have all the work you can handle, as by 2011, hospitals will be required to (among other things):

1. implement one clinical decision support rule related to a high priority hospital condition
2. demonstrate the capability to exchange key clinical information (discharge summary, problem lists, medication lists, allergies, test results) among providers of care and patient authorized entities electronically
3. demonstrate that 10 percent of all orders (any type) are directly entered by an authorizing provider (MD, RN, etc) through CPOE

in order to qualify for HITECH funds.

While the required use of these systems is initially minimal, they must be in place for any use to occur. Mark Hagland wrote a very nice blog on the 10 percent CPOE figure.

I think it'll be quite a while before you get back to the river.

Thanks Jim. Let's hope that my kids don't prove you right by "catching" jellyfish at the beach this week!

With a title like that, can't you provide us with a picture?

Anyone can fish in August! Here are two photos from December: