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The Founations for Change in Healthcare

March 17, 2011
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Is it possible to create hope in others?
The foundations of healthcare change are “trust” and “hope.” Without these science is helpless!

For health care providers, who are dealing daily with people with chronic, debilitating and often devastating conditions, hope -- to desire with expectation of obtainment -- often is missing in patients. Yet, without hope, as we have discussed, people will not make the changes necessary to retain or regain their health. The question is then, “How does a healthcare provider help someone who has no hope; who has given up, or who is not willing to help himself?”

Is it possible to create hope in others? Is it possible to "hope" for others? What is the foundation of hope? Why do some have it, in spite of their circumstances and others do not? How do you help someone who either consciously or unconsciously doesn't make the connection that their modifying behavior can make a difference in their future? I will be interested in any ideas about these questions. I have given some at under Your Life Your Health, Healthcare Policy and Hope Part I and Part II, June 21, 28, 2007

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