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Does your organization have a fresh, relevant health vision that incorporates IT enablement ? HIMSS Does!

March 22, 2010
by Joe Bormel
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As professionals, whether we're standing in front of an informed audience, or having a private dinner with friends, it's helpful to have a succinct articulation of what we're doing with HCIT. That's often reduced to the expression " having a vision." It's not a new concept to any readers of HCI.

What's getting lost, however, is getting an organization's vision out there, repeatedly, in a compelling way, and keeping it fresh. To do that, it's essential to:

Maintaining a Compelling Clinical Vision

1. Learn from others, continually;
2. Listen for feedback and seek out input, continually;
3. Nourish passion and compassion for others, continually.

Wonderful books and articles have elaborated those three points, so I'll spare you my recapitulation.

I would like, however, to share a link to a healthcare executive whose leadership I hope to emulate. That is, the keynote speaker at this past month's HIMSS annual meeting. His vision, framed around the evolution of the Inbox is here. Both the full text (complete with links to referenced content), and full video.

At a minimum, HCIT leaders should learn from the dedication displayed when a succinct, compelling vision that's more up-to-date than any other is assembled and published on the Web. And we should also help to market such visions to others using tools like this blog.

I invite you to post your comments here if you'd like to market a compelling, current vision of what we do that someone has published elsewhere. I'll commit to cleaning up the links and adding your graphics.




Your reminder to be "bold and positive about the transformations we have been and are leading" is an excellent mantra for all of us as we move forward - both in our professional and personal lives. Since I work in the workforce and career development trenches, this message will most definitely resonate with my community, and will be passed on. Thanks for the inspiration, the link to Dr. Chaiken's message - and for bringing Bart along for the ride!


Part of leadership is having a healthy, positive attitude, bordering on swagger. I think that positive attitude needs to be the clear back drop to a vision.

Given that emotional quality of that message, and in part at the prompting of Gwen Darling, I've tried to capture Bart Simpson's "Can Do" spirit, and cast it subtly into this blog post.

As it turns out, it's impossible to do anything subtle with Bart Simpson. So, I'll apologize for any unintended slight, possibly to Dr Chaiken, and remind everyone to be bold and positive about the transformations we have been and are leading.