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Lance Armstrong's Congratulations - Runners and BIkers, you have a PHR!

February 10, 2009
by Joe Bormel
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Lance Armstrong's Congratulations

If an iPod can be a PHR, ...

Today, for the first time, at the end of my morning work-out, I was greeted with "Congratulations! This is Lance Armstrong, and that was your longest workout yet.!"

I've been using the Nike-iPod product, $29, to keep track of my runs since October. It's remarkable in that it's a free coaching service for adults, that unobtrusively plugs into your existing life (and it's workflow, through your existing iPod and existing Nike shoes.) It's opt-in, and it's focused on performance improvement. Tethering is optional. And the user interface? Well, it's an iPod.

I was startled by Mr. Armstrong's voice. It was unexpected; I should have showered first.

I have been using the Nike+iPod dongle for the last 4 months as an odometer only. An odometer that records session times, distances, calories burned and average speed. And, oh yeah, it will upload it to the Internet if your interested. And provide free coaching, goal-setting, and probably social networking if you want. ... Hey,

this is a personal health record, at least of sorts.

Today, I chanced to let it talk to me by plugging in my head phones. There was Lance Armstrong, waiting for me.

Can I now tell people that I have and use a PHR? Can it keep track of my cholesterol? Now I'm interested in a PHR for myself. HR will be so happy!

Here is a screen shots from the web interface, just to give you a little flavor; I've spared you my performance data.

With all the talk about all American's having an EHR by 2014, and incentives to hospitals and clinicians, I find the PHR promise newly intriguing. There's a revenue model that currently doesn't include advertisements or subscriptions. Can someone please comment with the link to connect Nike+ iPod PHR with one of the more encompassing PHRs, so I can through in my weight, cholesterol, meds and flaxseed meal?

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