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CIO and CMIO Reporting Relationships

July 21, 2008
by lstofko
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I just returned from the 17th annual AMDIS Physician Computer Connection symposium in Ojia, CA. As usual, it was a very good conference with a great presenters and wonderful dialogue.

The 4th annual Gartner/AMDIS CMIO Survey results were presented and followed by several sessions focusing on the CMIO reporting relationship. The majority (52%) of the CMIOs report to the CIO, but when asked only 13% think that they should!

Here at St. Joseph Health System, I report to the COO and our CMIO reports to the CMO. It works very effectively because I stay aligned operations and our individual hospital CEOs, while the CMIO retains his direct line up through the medical ranks. We are seen as coming from different perspectives, but in partnership.

Where do you report and where does your CMIO report? Is it working well or could it work better?



As CMIO, I report to our CMO, as does our CIO this is a recent structural reorganization at our small hospital. I agree that the CMIO should be a peer of the CIO, not report to him/her. I would not report to the CIO because he is not even my equal on medical informatics as pertains to the EMR.