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It's Time to Honor Clinical Informaticist Teams

March 10, 2011
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New marquee award given at this year's Executive Summit

At a time of intensive effort and activity, who’s at the absolute nexus point of action moving patient care organizations forward under healthcare reform and the HITECH Act?

It’s clinical informaticists—or, more precisely, teams of clinical informaticists. People with M.D., R.N., M.S.N., and Pharm.D. initialisms after their names, who are wading into the deep waters of meaningful use, ACO and medical home development, and other challenging areas of endeavor, in order to bring success to their hospitals, medical groups, and health systems.

And in order to recognize their work, we at Healthcare Informatics have partnered with the folks at AMDIS, to create a new award, the Healthcare Informatics/AMDIS IT Innovation Advocate Award, which recognizes the clinicians and clinical informaticists who are on the front lines of activity in areas of critical importance to our patients, patient care organizations, communities and society.

It’s very exciting to be able to recognize these innovative, hardworking professionals. What’s even more exciting is to learn about teams of clinicians and clinical informaticists whom we’re not yet familiar with. So please, click the link on the opening page of our website to learn more about this award program and to participate. The nomination form explains who can nominate and who is eligible to receive the award.

I can say that I personally am eagerly anticipating receiving nominations for this award, which will be presented at the Healthcare Informatics Executive Summit in San Francisco, May 11-13. At a time of tremendous change and challenge, we need to take time out to recognize excellence and innovation. Please join with me to participate in a process that will promote just such recognition!

All the best,

Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Informatics



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