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Heads Up! My Technology Survival Watch List for 2009 and Beyond

February 5, 2009
by Wayne Craige
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Open technologies are more and more becoming high-value solutions, and making large strides --- but wait until you see what's to come below…….

Do you understand the next computing phase to come? Well heads up! The new computing phase will be based heavily on a fixed infrastructure and a mobile infrastructure. Unfortunately, each will be supported by separate providers with separate standards, so if your collaboration IT enterprise tools are not put in place your enterprise will not function uniformly across them, costs will not be optimized across them, and your entire enterprise users will be in trouble and confusion.

So here are some very important technologies and trends you will need to pay close attention to in order to support your enterprise in the near future to come.

1. The consumer technology experience is now richer than most enterprise user experience
2. Younger people are totally comfortable using all types of platforms for access
3. Consumers now have more powerful services (home T1 and 3G networks) than your enterprise users
4. Data Centers are going “green” with virtualization of applications and hardware
5. The push to wards Light weight applications: web based solutions, and mash-up based technologies is growing stronger
6. Mass proliferation of mobile devices and event emitting ‘gadgets’ are now generating additional security challenges for your enterprise
7. More and more mobile devices (e.g. Blackberry Storms and iPhone) are stealing market share from traditional laptops
8. There are approximately 6.6 billion people in the world (including children); approximately 3.3 billion cell phone users; approximately 1.3 billion internet users, so high-value technology penetration is getting higher
9. The number of mobile minutes has now surpassed fixed minutes and land lines are no longer needed
10. Americans spend more than 500 million "commuter hours" per week in their automobiles utilizing hands free and voice activation technologies 11. Google a dominant technology player is pushing its Android SDK and Apple its iPhone SDK; on top of available 700 MHz auction with segment set aside for open networks
It’s now or never, lets get your overall IT enterprise together and organized around these four main areas; to empowering your user community, create a push for agile infrastructure services, utilized smart and dynamic technologies, and IT deployment excellence.

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