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HIMSS-12 $ucked

February 25, 2012
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HIMSS-12 $ucked. There I said it! I feel much better, and the people I talked to throughout the conference were feeling the same way. I guess the metric was the Orlando HIMSS11 conference. Last year I had a problem picking an education session to attend because there were so many excellent sessions. This year I did not have very many tick marks on the session brochure.

There are many reasons to go to HIMSS, and I am sure that since it was in Vegas there were other reasons added to the list. For me, I like to attend the sessions. What makes our industry exciting is that it is constantly changing and evolving. So with the exception of one of the roundtable discussions, most of the sessions were very bland. I finally found a session that looked very interesting, and then the speaker fumbled through the slide deck because apparently they did not have his latest version. When he asked us to “imagine” the slide he wanted to talk about, I thought it was perfect given the constant state of illusion in Vegas.

The upside was all the networking, the great people and of course the Vendor-Palooza.  Another bright side was the University of West Florida booth which I will Blog about separately. So the question people were asking was “if it was worth going?” My answer, “Any trip to Vegas is always a gamble, this year I lost money.”



I am surprised by your comments. Everyone I spoke with, both vendor and exhibitor, was very pleased with the show. I do agree that some of the sessions seemed sub par however, every show contains sub standard sessions.

I certainly excluded the "Vendor_Palooza" and networking opportunities. Sounds like you had similar experiences with the sessions.

Pete, sorry to hear that. I didn't get to attend any of the regular sessions so I can't speak to them but the pre-conference NI Symposium was well worth my time (more important to me than the $$$)

I felt HIMSS-12 was one of the better Conferences I have attended in my 26 years as a HIMSS Member. You always seem to hit a bad or poorly put together session which yes happened to me again this year but 80% of them were good to very good. I especially enjoyed the Friday morning Keynote with Terry Moran, Donna Brazile and Dana Perino - very entertaining and interesting to hear their stories and messages. D. Kallevig, CIO

I think it gets back to expectations. I wont recap Bobbie's brilliant post (here: ) or my HIMSS observations (here: ).

I would add that the educational sessions I attended were outstanding in various ways. At this point in my career, I know the struggles that many of the presenters overcame to earn-the-right to speak. I was generally able to find seating. The presentation handouts I sought were all available online and the wifi was pretty good.

The logistics of the meeting were generally better than previous years. The lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner were generally short and the service was great. The receptions I was able to attend were great, well attended and not abusively crowded.

My only irritation was the Vegas tawdriness, and annoyances like the lack of coffee pots in the guest rooms.

I had a good show; I'm sorry that you didn't.

I totally agree with your comments about the conference this year. The networking is always good, the setting was nice, but the sessions were very poor. I had several times where I had trouble finding a session of interest in the timeframe and in previous years, I would have trouble picking because I would have three sessions all at the same time, that I wanted to go to. I also thought the conference was very conjested this year compared to prior years.