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Life in the healthcare/banking world

April 17, 2008
by Pete Rivera
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I was on the way home from a doctor's visit and I drove past at least five banks. Having just experienced the typical paper shuffle and misplaced medical records during my doctor's visit, I had to wonder; What would it be like to have a bank do business the same way we do in healthcare? I mean really think about the ramifications. You would always have to go to the same branch because they would be the only one with your file. You would hope they did not misplace your file when you needed their services. You would have to wait in line or make an appointment to view your file and the banker would have to spend time analyzing your account for errors and fees. So I have to ask; why as consumers do we have such low expectations when it comes to access and documentation of our health information?



If you are interested at more information regarding the intersection between health care and banking see the Medical Banking Institute. I am a practicing physician and extensively involved in healthcare informatics and feel the banking institutions like PNC are poised to be the dominate player in providing the electronic backbone in moving healthcare transactions. In fact, if you think about it, the whole system of health care transactions are really just a banking transaction. Why not let the banks handle them....
Dr. Bill

It's healthcare's turn!

Take a look at the Manufacturing industry and comapre it's advances in the use of Technology over the last 20 years. Mfg has totally embraced the challenge and effectively used technology to implement any number of advanced material and resource management techniques. Why is Healthcare so far behind in this same adoption and endeavor? The basic principles are the same. The products are different but there are still the same issues to manage: inventory control, resource capacity planning, master production scheduling. What a tremendous opportunity we have to introduce some very significant.