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Projects and Shotgun Weddings

June 18, 2008
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Have you ever worked on a project that is already predefined with set timelines and live date, even before you start the scope process? It reminds me of a Shotgun wedding.

  • All the attendees are there because this event was forced upon them.
  • The father of the bride is there to make sure all goes according to his plan, and can “fire” anyone who disagrees..
  • The participants don’t really have a say in the matter.
  • The go-live date is set and tied to another predecessor. (The bride will have another project go-live soon.)
  • Everyone knows that the “marriage project” will not last.

Does your Strategic Plan assume scope and go-live dates?



You could not have said it many companies take an idea and rush into it without putting any thought or planning into the end result. Many times decisions are made without asking the opinions of those in the trenches...and how many times do lessons learned have to he re-learned? Many times it is not asked "what will it take to make this happen" is "make this happen with no resources and why can't this be done in a few days?" I would love to see the health care industry put more project management principles in place. Many people say that they see clients putting the cart before the horse...I see it as being too eager to get to the next destination and setting sail on a ship early before the cargo is loaded - sometimes without the captain on board...there is a lot of value left sitting on the pier.