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Waving Goodbye to the Windy City: Five HIMSS15 Takeaways

April 16, 2015
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So as I'm writing this HIMSS takeaways blog at a Starbucks in downtown Chicago, I'm currently trying to decide if the annual HIMSS conference is the five longest days of the year or the five quickest ones. On one hand, it was a grind for sure—the amount of content our Healthcare Informatics team produced this year was unprecedented—kudos to everyone who busted their butts, it was truly a great effort.  But on the other hand, the "craze" kind of comes and goes so quickly. Maybe it's because we're all so busy covering the show wall-to-wall, but it seems that before you know it, hours have passed since the last time you checked your watch. Certainly it's not the same as sitting in an office. 




The real problem is that most (not all) EHRs on the market aren't adequate. Intersect (my company) offers a web-based "second generation" system that features a single patient record through the continuum of care, supports coordinated team-based care delivery, and population health management capabilities as core features.

it is disgraceful that your organization had george bush speak. physicians for social responsibility now estimate that 1.3 million iraqis died as a result of the invasion of that country based on lies. the infrastructure of the country was destroyed including it's healthcare system. bush is a war criminal and should be in jail.