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PACS Nursery Rhymes

April 25, 2008
by stacey
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I’ve been interested in PACS for a while now, but, not for nothing it’s become increasingly more important to me. Now that I’m eight-and-a-half months pregnant, I know that instead of just hoping that my baby is well-positioned, or wondering if my kid will end up being Shakil O’Neil size at birth (in which case I’m booking my C-section today), I know I can rely on IT and can scratch my plans of stopping off at Spencer’s Gifts for a Magic 8-Ball. It’s not just that I enjoy collecting the black-and-white images of my baby in-utero (though I really do, and my husband and I are using them for the beginning of our baby book), but that I feel reassured on the way home, holding my snapshots. PACS has opened up a whole new world for clinicians and patients, and as the technology, storage and accessibility evolves, you can guarantee medicine will evolve with it. Still, I hope my son doesn’t end up looking the size of Godzilla because one way or another, he’s got to come out.

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