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Pizza vs. Drugs

February 24, 2009
by stacey
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I deleted 15 voicemail messages from my cell phone regarding getting my medicine. What’s more, it had already taken me an insane number of calls, for an insane number of hours to get prior authorization for a drug that I’ve actually taken before. You might think things would be easier or have a quicker turnaround time, but setting up a new prescription, with a new doctor, a new insurance plan and new pharmacy was less than simple and took over a month. In a time when we can see when I can track my Domino’s pizza from order to delivery, how come I can’t do the same with my medicine?



Joe. On a serious note, we can all get a little too serious sometimes. I don't mind at all if we joke a bit. Of course, I think this post has satisfied our humor quota for the remainder of 09. Now, let's all parse some obscure sub-regulation of the stimulus package!

Two reasons:
1) improperly dispensed and consumed pizza kills more slowly, and
2) you pay directly for your pizza.

Anthony's going to suspend my rights to post comments like this one, right? (smile)

Shhhhhhh. Keep it hush-hush and he'll never know. :-)