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When you're not first ...

March 15, 2010
by stacey
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I don’t mean to show off, really I don’t, but when I was logging onto my PHR (yeah, that’s right, I have one!), I discovered two things: that not everything’s there — OK, not a major shock, but that I don’t get to see things before my docs (or at least I haven’t been able to thus far). It might have just been a spoof, or simply dumb luck that the information that I got and the results of several tests, was not posted (it was posted, but didn’t let me ‘view’ until after I’d actually seen my doctor. In one case, it didn’t let me view the results until (long) after I received a postal letter. Maybe these are isolated incidences, or maybe the system is designed so that the patient isn’t the first to see things, but is able to keep tabs on things that have already been discussed. Anyone know if this may have been done on purpose (or why) or have any thoughts about it? Maybe it’s to help avoid ‘false positives’ and help quell unnecessarily panicky patients?

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