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Where in the World is Gwen Darling?

October 16, 2009
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While highly unusual – we have not heard from Gwen Darling in days. As vocal (and delightful) as she can be (from time to time) I do feel a void here in on the HI blog as she has been missing – until this morning.

While not providing any real useful GPS information – it appears that she is on vacation and has somewhat surfaced. She is sending photos – but no address. Smart. Very smart!

Yes – on vacation. After what most of us have dealt with over the past 12-18 months we all need to take some time off and re-charge our batteries. It’s good for the soul. Apparently Gwen left town with her laptop as we are now starting to see a few signs and hints as to her whereabouts. And… that’s ok. The point is that she took time off to spend relaxing and hanging out. When is the last time you did that?

It’s time for all of us to stop using the economy and the HCIT tsunami in waiting and take some time off. The experts say the recession is over. It’s been a brutal 12-18 months for many of us – but I am starting to see blue skies again. It looks wonderful. And it certainly feels like things are getting better.

So take the lead from Gwen. Take time for yourself soon and find a way to relax for a few days (or a week or longer if you can). Be selfish. Do absolutely nothing. It’s a great plan. By the looks of these photos - I’m guessing that Gwen is getting really good at some nice RandR….and doing nothing! By the way – I did a quick test to make sure she is really relaxing. Her cell phone is off. That never happens!



I think she is stateside Joe. I also surmise she has no interest in having anyone show up during her vacation. Probably not a good plan!

Great advice! I just got back from a long weekend visiting my daughter for parents weekend at a southwest university - walked the campus, hung-out with students, went to the tailgate party and football game. Sure changed my perspective!


canouan.com for more details.

Those of you interested in hanging out with Gwen should head there immediately.

Hi guys!

I'm back! And I have to say, I got a good laugh from the title and content of your article, Mr. T.

Joe - Actually I had the pleasure of staying in a home on Irish Beach, California, which is just south of Mendocino. Not as exotic (and warm) as Canouan, but very beautiful and relaxing.

Ben - my daughter is a sophomore at the Univ. of Arkansas and I've accompanied her to a tailgate party or two - totally agree that experience will change your perspective! (Love your name, btw).

So, officially back to work on Monday, and excited to see what's on the week's agenda. Thanks for making me feel missed - I'm already working on my next blog post about something funny that happened on the airplane yesterday!