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#3 Vendor in 2007: Siemens

May 19, 2008
by vciotti
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Since they acquired SMS circa 2000, Siemens stopped reporting separate HIT revenue to Healthcare Informatics Top 10 list, so they have been a major "missing suspect." To right this long-standing wrong, we have estimated their revenue this year at about equal to #2 vendor Cerner, or ≈$1.5B. They could easily be several hundred million dollars more or less, but they're probably in that ball park and deserve recognition for being such a major player. Soarian system's sales have been phenomenal, with over 100 contracts signed, a tough act for a brand new product line still being completed. Their "old" Invision (introduced in the late 80s, early 90s) must represent a ton of ongoing revenue, as the ≈600+ client hospitals run it primarily via Remote Computing Option (RCO), with only a small number of inhouse (ICO) one-time buyers. MedSeries IV still chugs along as well, with a new web-enabled front-end keeping its ≈400 clients happy on their IBM iSeries (nee AS/400) hardware.  SMS was easily the #1 vendor on HI's Top 25 list 20 years ago, with $390M in revenue, over double #2 HBOC's $176M back then; impressive that McKesson could have ever caught up and passed SMS, but it's amazing what a few dozen acquisitions can do for you!

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