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Angry & Honest MD

October 10, 2008
by vciotti
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Wonderful posting in Modern Healthcare today from Dr. Mark Scioli from Lubbock Texas, who  has just converted to his second ambulatory EMR at his 6-man orthopedic group. If you have been following my recent posts about rare honesty on the non-ROI of EMRs and CPOE, you'll love this: " Both (EMRs) are nothing special, don't save time, don't save money, don't save paper, are not safer for patients. Â

My God, who are the idiots who have convinced our legislators that these systems will somehow save money? Improve patient safety? Hogwash! Try to update a longstanding patient's profile in your computer ... see how long it takes you, how slowed down your office will be. Â

Where are the efficiencies? For $250,000, I could have hired more staff, funded my pension and taken a hell of a vacation. Somebody please stop this misinformation."

God bless Dr. Scioli, and let's hope more honest reporters will continue to give the other side of our EMR/CPOE feeding frenzy!



Vince, why did the group convert to a second EMR? Did they have another goal, other than saving time, money, paper or improving safety?

This all reminds me of a John Glaser quote: "You don't buy ROI, you manage to it."

It's rarely been the case that small practices can achieve ROI through reducing FTEs, using less paper, etc.  Okay, it's not rare, it's never.

If, however, they were under coding, paying high transcription costs, not managing denials, had inappropriate staffing ratios, etc, then improving their management practices likely would bring an ROI.

Attributing those improvements to concurrently implementing an EMR is ... generous.