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Best Kept Secrets, Release 2.0

October 21, 2008
by vciotti
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A second HIS vendor few people know about and more should: IntraNexus. Weird name, but a fascinating story: remember when SMS sunset their "Allegra" product back in the late 90s, leaving over a hundred clients in the lurch? Well, an entrepreneur named Jim Opry jumped in and offered to maintain Allegra for them, which he did so well, many stuck with the product to get a decent return on their multi-million $ investment.

Jim started work on a brand new HIS called "Sapphire,"finished it a few years back, and from demos we've seen recently, it truly is a gem! A totally modern look and feel, only McKesson's Paragon rivals its user-friendly GUI front-end and rich functionality for both financial and clinical apps. IntraNexus' client base includes some big names like Baylor and U. of Utah, as well as a host of ex-Allegra folks very pleased with their support.Â

What's truly unique about Rick is his home-spun service ethic, that sounds too good to be true. He does

NOT target a hundred sales a year to take over the world, but rather wants just a few sales per year that will be happy clients to spread the word to their neighbors. Â Jim actually gives out his cell phone number to clients, and his small staff of about 100 FTEs reminds of SMS back in the 70's when we knew every client by name and really cared if they were unhappy.

As with the previous "Best Kept Secrets," I have no relationship with IntraNexus, we don't install their systems, aren't providing consulting to them, etc., etc. Just love to give new start-ups a chance against the behemoth vendors whose hundreds of salesman can buy lunches far better than their programmers can pump out code...

If you're doing a search for a new HIS, do a Google on IntraNexus, give Rick a call, and maybe you'll find a pleasant alternative to the many over-priced leading vendors whose systems are getting a bit long in the tooth...Â

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