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CPSI 2009 Earnings Down

February 8, 2010
by vciotti
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Computer Products & Services (CPSI) just announced 2009 financial results, and they slipped a tad: for the 4th quarter, net income was down 26% to $3.6M, while revenue increased 5% to $33.8M. For the year, net income was only down 1.6% from 2008, while annual revenue was up 7% to $127M. Result? Stock dropped 17% on January 29.

All you struggling start-ups dreaming to go public: be careful what you wish for, you may get it! Wall Street is merciless: one tiny glitch and you're toast! Stay private as long as you can, like Meditech and Epic. Their gazillionaire executives have no one to answer to but themselves...