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Email Help

January 12, 2008
by vciotti
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Getting buried by email? Send your staff the following advice:

EMAILÂ guidelines:
E =  Emotion - are you angry or upset? Don't send an email! If you're ticked-off, wait a day, calm down, then try to send something business-like, without starting an e-war...
MÂ = Â Multiple Recipients - how many (unnecessary) people are you sending it to? The more people in your "to" and "cc" list, the less likely any will read it.
A =  "Reply to All?" -  Just reply to the person who sent the email (the "reply" button), not the "reply to all" button. Will save cutting down thousands of e-trees!
I =  Internet? - should this message be sent via the world wide web at the speed of light, or could you just walk down the hall or pick up the phone? Personal communications (face or voice) are more human and effective!
LÂ = Â Length - just like memos or letters should be one page (or less!), keep your emails short and sweet. Remember this: the likelihood of your email being read varies inversely with its length: 1 line = 100%, 2 lines = 90%... 100 lines or more = 0%!

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