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email Resolution

December 29, 2008
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Is your IT shop buried by emails, most of which you delete? Here's a New Year's Resolution that might help:

EMAIL guidelines:

 E =  Emotion - angry or upset? Don't send an email! If you're ticked-off, wait a day, calm down, then send something business-like, without starting an e-war...

MÂ = Â Multiple Recipients - how many people are you sending it to? The more people in your "to" and "cc" list, the less likely any will read it.

A = Â "Reply to All?" - Â Just reply to the person who sent the email (the "reply" button), not the "reply to all" button. Will save thousands of e-trees!

I = Â Internet? - should this message be sent via the world wide web at the speed of light, or could you just walk down the hall or pick up the phone?Â

L =  Length - just like letters should be one page, keep emails short and sweet. The likelihood ofan  email being read varies inversely with its length: 1 line = 100%, 2 lines = 90%... 100 lines or more = 0%!

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