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EPIC grades privacy efforts in Obama administration

September 9, 2009
by vciotti
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Got your attention didn't it? Why the silly mania about any topic that involves Epic?? What this story is actually about is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which is about to issue a report card on the Obama administration's efforts to protect the privacy of American citizens: medical privacy, consumer protection, cyber-security (an oxymoron?), etc.

Anyway, Healthcare Informatics grades these blog sites by how many "hits" each entry receives, and we have a sort of competition each month to see which blogger is ringing the bell. By capitalizing on the sacred name of Epci, I figure I'll cop a first place in September, and by the envy of all my fellow bloggers...

Now if anybody wants some REAL news, I'd be glad to give the low-down on Meditech's "Release 6," QuadraMed's progress with QCPR, etc, but no one seems to want to read anything that doesn't involve Judy, right?



Vince, I don't think this will get you voted "most popular" at the next HCI Blogger Dinner.

Epic is having their big User Extravaganza in sunny, but cool Madison Wi next week. Vince, If you can sneek in and take notes, then publish a review of the Pitch & Judy show, I bet you'll bust the HI blog-o-meter!
Go for it...

Well Vince, you'll be in first place till I post my "Epic and KLAS: The Sex Tapes." That one should have the thermometer bursting. Course, there's no such story, but I always thought it would be the best title ever.