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Keith Hagen Resigns at QuadraMed

March 26, 2009
by vciotti
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Press release says "for personal reasons," as usual. Darn shame, as from the little bit of interaction we had with Keith, he seemed to be doing the right things to get QuadraMed back on track. They've had a bit of turmoil in their client base over how QCPR (the old "UltiCare" they bought from Misys) was to replace the old Affinity clinicals, but in the long run it was the right thing to do.

New Pres Jim Peebles announced an admirable goal of getting QCPR CCHIT-certified, which seems to be easy to do as I've never heard of anyone getting rejected - has anyone else? He's also going to increase shareholder value. Now that's a daring new concept...



Hagen gone...Pure gone...bad economy...sarbanes Ox...
Sure tough running a HIS public company these days. And if your small (less than $200 mill) you got to be a masochist!

Thanks for the very kind words, Vince and Anthony.

Keith clearly created a lot of value, and left QuadraMed much stronger as a result of his work.

With HIMSS around the corner, the best way to access how QuadraMed is doing is to visit us and take a look!

All I can say is that fellow HCI blogger Joe Bormel, M.D., is with QuadraMed, and he's probably the most intelligent guy I know. Dont believe me? Read some of his posts!