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Data Governance as a Field of Study

April 4, 2016     David Raths
Governance is complicated enough within one health system, but the eight papers in a newly published eGEMs collection also raise several important questions about governance as more health research involves big data and large distributed research networks.

So It WAS Ransomware: The Implications of the Attack on MedStar Health

April 4, 2016     Mark Hagland
Now that it has been revealed that the cyberattack on the 10-hospital MedStar Health system was in fact a ransomware attack, what are patient care organization leaders nationwide actually going to do to address this frightening new trend?

ACC 2016 and CVIS Trends

March 29, 2016     Joe Marion
ACC16 represents a great opportunity to see how cardiovascular information systems are responding to healthcare IT trends.

Millennials, Gen-X and Baby Boomer Hiring Tips

March 29, 2016     Tim Tolan
The more you can learn about your candidate audience the better off you’ll be

Hacker Roulette: Will Your Hospital Be the Next Target of Cyber-Criminals?

March 29, 2016     Mark Hagland
The hacker attack on the EHR of the MedStar Health integrated system in the Washington-Baltimore metro area is the latest—and possibly most alarming—hacking attack among a series of attacks reported in the mainstream media, so far

Still Work to Do Connecting Medical Devices to EHRs

March 27, 2016     David Raths
As hospitals upgrade their medical devices, wireless connectivity and interfaces to the EHR are high on the wish lists of clinical informatics departments and nurses.

Our Top Ten Tech Trends: Time to Feel the Realness

March 25, 2016     Mark Hagland
With our editorial team’s articulation of our Top Ten Tech Trends this year, we are highlighting landscape-changing trends that are reshaping the playing field for leaders across U.S. healthcare

Editor’s Notes: In the Quest for the New Healthcare, Don’t Forget the One Ring of Power

March 25, 2016     Mark Hagland
It was fascinating to go back to Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings," and to think about the sense of mission among its pint-sized protagonists—and the transformation that healthcare leaders are attempting across the U.S. healthcare system right now

Is Technology Getting in the Way of Business?

March 23, 2016     Pete Rivera
We really need to recognize the addictive nature of technology and our feeling of security and satisfaction of playing with our adult equivalent of the baby rattle.

Want to Know What the Future of Care Management Looks Like? Keep an Eye on the FQHCs

March 18, 2016     Mark Hagland
Rajiv Leventhal’s excellent interview with Beth Wrobel, the CEO of HealthLinc, a federally qualified health center in Indiana, speaks volumes about the potential for rethinking care delivery in the new healthcare

Yes, CIOs: It’s Time to Stop Thinking Any Longer in Routine Ways about Data Security

March 16, 2016     Mark Hagland
My interview this week with David Finn regarding a recently released HIMSS Analytics/Symantec study on data security underscores the growing tsunami of issues facing healthcare IT leaders

Are Doctors’ Offices Ready for the I.T. Revolution? A Recent Visit Has Made Me Unsure

March 15, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
Being sick stinks. It stinks even more when the doctor’s office you go to is having a bad day with technology.

Why Shouldn’t Dr. Halamka Be Optimistic? And Why Shouldn’t We All Be? Further Thoughts on HIMSS16

March 9, 2016     Mark Hagland
Reflecting on Dr. John Halamka’s commentary summarizing his perspectives around HIMSS16, it’s impossible not to endorse his core, gritty, realistic optimism about the future of healthcare and healthcare IT

Consolidation Changing Imaging Vendor Landscape

March 4, 2016     Joe Marion
Recent announcements are changing the landscape of imaging. There is good news and bad news from recent acquisitions that will impact provider choices.

Leaving Las Vegas: Pondering Clarity, Convergence, Innovation, Opportunity and Challenge, at HIMSS16

March 4, 2016     Mark Hagland
The words that come to mind as HIMSS16 closes in Las Vegas are these: clarity, convergence, innovation, opportunity, and challenge. It was an exciting and bracing time to participate in healthcare IT’s annual industry-dominant conference this year.

Five Takeaways from HIMSS16 in the Sin City

March 4, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
Another HIMSS conference has come and gone! Here are my five biggest takeaways from this year's show before I go into health IT hibernation for a few days.

New York Providers Eye March 27 E-Prescribing Mandate

March 4, 2016     David Raths
A 2012 New York state law designed to curb prescription drug abuse, medical errors and fraud includes a mandate that all providers electronically transmit all prescriptions. The March 27 deadline is looming, and some providers are still scrambling to be ready in time.

LIVE FROM HIMSS16: Are We At an Inflection Point into True Provider-Payer Convergence?

March 1, 2016     Mark Hagland
Two presentations at the Business of Healthcare Symposium Monday at HIMSS16, as well as HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell’s comments, spoke to a fundamental realignment of interests in U.S. healthcare

Moving Up My Cyber Security Awareness Month to March

February 24, 2016     David Raths
For the last decade October has been designated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but given the recent high-profile ransomware case at Los Angeles-based Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, I am moving up my personal, unofficial health IT security awareness month to March.

Preparing for HIMSS16: A Quarter Century In, Anticipating a New Generation of Innovation

February 24, 2016     Mark Hagland
As I prepare for HIMSS16, I see a U.S. healthcare industry on the cusp of fundamental change, with challenges and opportunities aplenty