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Ready For the New World of Mandatory Bundles? Because the Federal Payment Reform Train Is Clearly on a High-Speed Track Now

July 28, 2016     Mark Hagland
Payment HHS’s announcement on July 25 of two new mandatory sets of payment bundles for cardiac care is confirming the emerging reality of Medicare reimbursement for hospitals and doctors going forward

Let’s Talk Really, Really Big Numbers: How About $5.631 Trillion, For Example?

July 23, 2016     Mark Hagland
Payment As the U.S. healthcare system moves ever closer to a gargantuan cost cliff, healthcare IT leaders are going to be called on as never before to help leverage IT to transform care delivery

Information Security Professionals in Hot Demand

July 22, 2016     Tim Tolan
Cybersecurity IT security professionals are in great demand thanks in part to ransomware and data breaches across the industry.

Can SOLOR (SnOmed LOinc, Rxnorm) Project Create Terminology Foundation for Interoperability?

July 22, 2016     David Raths
Interoperability The nonprofit Healthcare Services Platform Consortium supports the existing effort to integrate SNOMED CT and Laboratory LOINC and will seek to expand that effort to include Clinical LOINC and...

Editor’s Notes: The Role of Emotion in Good Decision-Making: Science Is Catching Up to Society

July 21, 2016     Mark Hagland
EHR It's been fascinating to read Jonah Lehrer's 2009 book "How We Decide," and to ponder scientists' recent discoveries around emotion in decisionmaking--and to consider the physician-patient...

CMS’ Latest Proposed MU Changes Again Raise Questions around Patient Engagement

July 21, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
Patient Engagement Earlier this month, CMS announced that it was streamlining reporting requirements for hospitals and EPs participating in the meaningful use program. But, other new proposals from CMS bring on...

With the Telehealth Revolution Already Underway, a Pair of Industry Experts Looks at the Remaining Barriers

July 18, 2016     Mark Hagland
It was very compelling to read a broad analysis of “The State of Telehealth,” authored by E. ray Dorsey, M.D. and Eric J. Topol, M.D., and published online last week in The New England Journal of Medicine

Are Healthcare CISOs Suffering from Cybersecurity Solution Fatigue? An Expert Probes Some of the Issues

July 15, 2016     Heather Landi
Cybersecurity A recent Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology report provided some intriguing thoughts about the pressure facing CISOs to keep their organizations secure and how they are combating...

Mix of Applications at Showcase to Demonstrate FHIR’s Potential

July 15, 2016     David Raths
HL7’s upcoming FHIR Applications Roundtable in Boston will feature several presentations and demos from providers, vendors, academic institutions, and startups of FHIR-based solutions that are currently in development or already being deployed.

Is Your Organization Getting the Right Facilitators for Patient Engagement Out There? Piercing the Fog on the Way Forward

July 15, 2016     Mark Hagland
Patient Engagement The results of an instant audience poll taken at the Health IT Summit in Denver this week, spoke to some of the confusion and challenges around making patient engagement real in medical group...

At iHT2-Denver, CISOs Offer Stimulating Insights into the Top IT Security Priorities Being Pursued by Industry Leaders

July 13, 2016     Mark Hagland
Cybersecurity At the Health IT Summit in Denver, Fernando Blanco-Dopazo, CISO at CHRISTUS Health, and Howard Haile, CISO at SCL Health, shared insights and perspectives on some of the most challenging issues facing...

Two New Health Affairs-Published Studies Provide Intriguing Insights Into HIEs' Current Struggles

July 11, 2016     Mark Hagland
HIE Two studies of the health information exchange phenomenon, published as articles in this month’s Health Affairs, offer important insights on gaps, problems, and challenges facing HIE development going forward

Does Blockchain Have a Future in Healthcare? My Interview with Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht

July 9, 2016     David Raths
Last week, when ONC and NIST announced a challenge soliciting white papers on the topic of the use of blockchain technology in healthcare, it got me interested in trying to understand the concept a little better.

In Vermont, an Opt-In versus Opt-Out HIE Debate

July 7, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
HIE A recent article in VT Digger, an independent organization covering investigative news in the state, revealed a stimulating story about concern regarding health information exchange (HIE) patient privacy.

Healthcare Shines in Computerworld’s ‘Best Places to Work in IT’ Report

July 6, 2016     David Raths
The high number of provider organizations listed in Computerworld's "Best Places to Work in IT" report suggests that IT employees in healthcare find their work rewarding because they can see it contributing to the overall care mission of their...

Imaging IT David’s and Goliaths

July 5, 2016     Joe Marion
Many recent industry announcements point to strategy changes and the resultant size impact on vendor success

Bay Area Hospitals Begin Sharing Data on Frequent ED Patients

July 3, 2016     David Raths
Six hospitals in California’s East Bay have announced that they are partnering to improve care for frequent ED patients. With the implementation of the PreManage ED system, all six hospitals are now alerted when a frequent patient registers at any one of their ERs.

When It Comes to Care and Transition Management, We’ve Got to Get the Basics Right First

July 3, 2016     Mark Hagland
Population Health The details of a recent Washington Post/Kaiser Health News report on a patient safety event involving a fatal pharmacy dispensing error speak to the challenges and opportunities inherent in...

Will CMS Officials Heed Association Leaders’ Concerns on MIPS/MACRA, as We Surge Ahead Into the New Healthcare?

July 1, 2016     Mark Hagland
Payment As healthcare professional associations weigh in with a plentiful list of concerns about CMS’s proposed rule on physician payment requirements under MACRA, MIPS, will senior agency officials consider carefully...

At iHT2 Boston, Micky Tripathi's Refreshing Take on Interoperability

June 28, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
Interoperability During a closing keynote presentation last week at the iHT2 Boston Health IT Summit, Micky Tripathi, Ph.D., president and CEO of MAeHC, debunked certain healthcare interoperability “myths” while...


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