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Preparing for HIMSS16: A Quarter Century In, Anticipating a New Generation of Innovation

February 24, 2016     Mark Hagland
As I prepare for HIMSS16, I see a U.S. healthcare industry on the cusp of fundamental change, with challenges and opportunities aplenty

What the New CMS Accountable Health Communities Model Says About U.S. Healthcare’s Future

February 20, 2016     Mark Hagland
The recently announced Accountable Health Communities pilot project at CMS offers a glimpse into a truly connected healthcare future

For Physician Quality Measures, CMS Has Received the Message: Simpler is Better

February 18, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
Is CMS’ recently-released seven sets of standardized clinical quality measures for physician quality programs a sign that greater simplification is on the way?

Why Should Hospital CIOs Care About GIS Software?

February 13, 2016     David Raths
I recently interviewed Este Geraghty, M.D., M.S., M.P.H., the chief medical officer and health solutions director for ESRI, the world’s largest GIS software company. I asked her why GIS wasn’t more widely deployed in healthcare previously and why CIOs should start paying more attention to this...

Does Your Health System Have a Chief Learning Officer?

February 10, 2016     David Raths
As health systems grow larger through mergers and acquisitions, providing training and keeping track of training requirements has become a greater challenge. As in other industries, organizations are starting to hire chief learning officers to oversee implementations of learning management systems.

Vermont HIE Focuses on Data Quality to Power ACOs

February 7, 2016     David Raths
The Vermont HIE, has made a concerted effort to improve data quality and to be a more valuable source of analytics data for the state’s three accountable care organizations.

MU Lifespan: Good or bad news for imaging?

February 4, 2016     Joe Marion
Will changes in ARRA MU impact efforts to expand image accessibility by the patient, and why this would be a bad thing.

Data Warehouse Field of Dreams

February 4, 2016     Pete Rivera
The CIO then steps back, arms spread and announces that they have built a data warehouse. The problem is that no one really knows how to use it. At least in the movie “Field of Dreams,” they build a baseball field for people that already knew how to play. By building it the players came and you can...

Even Small Planes Need Big Plans!

February 2, 2016     Pete Rivera
Planning ahead takes time. Just like my flight experience in small planes, I still had to factor all the same things large airlines have to consider. Physician groups are no different than hospital groups when it comes to strategic planning.

When It Comes to ACO Requirements, Yes: The Devil Really Always Is in the Details

January 29, 2016     Mark Hagland
The announcement this week by senior CMS officials of a new proposed rule around requirements for the MSSP program offers hope that CMS officials will also consider reworking some similar Pioneer ACO Program elements

Finding 7 Degrees of Compatibility in your Health IT Vendor Dating

January 29, 2016     Pete Rivera
Using eHarmony’s degrees of “compatibility and dimensions" is an easy way to summarize the same traits you should look for in a contractual relationship.

Why CHIME’s NPID Challenge is Necessary for Healthcare’s Future

January 28, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
In an important patient care development last week, CHIME announced a $1 million National Patient ID (NPID) Challenge, which is a significant step in the right direction given the current healthcare landscape

At the Health IT Summit in San Diego, Pondering What It Will Take to Get to “Patient-Centric”

January 21, 2016     Mark Hagland
Given that authentic initiatives to make care more patient-centric in the U.S. are still relatively recent, gathering, analyzing, and sharing data to support such efforts will be essential to their success

In the Wake of the Next Generation ACO Reveal: Getting Real About IT and ACOs

January 18, 2016     Mark Hagland
Industry experts agree: Healthcare leaders participating in the Next Generation ACO Program are going to need to learn to strategically leverage IT as never before

Are Medicaid IT Systems Ready to Join the 21st Century?

January 14, 2016     David Raths
The embrace of a service-oriented architecture by CMS has set the stage for states to start breaking up big Medicaid IT procurements into smaller chunks, which should also allow new vendors to enter the market.

Will Health IT End Up Being a “White Hat” or “Black Hat” Element in Physician Engagement?

January 9, 2016     Mark Hagland
A New York Times report opens a window onto what can happen when healthcare and healthcare IT leaders do not establish data as a “white hat” collaborative tool from the very beginning

Will Obama’s HIPAA Modification Related to Gun Control Have an Impact?

January 6, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
This week, President Obama announced an amendment to the HIPAA Privacy Rule aiming to enable mental health providers to more easily disclose certain information to the FBI for gun background checks. While limited by design, the modification could prove valuable.

2016 Imaging Predictions

January 5, 2016     Joe Marion
What will 2016 bring for imaging informatics? It should be a transitional year for greater PACS deconstruction.

Peering Into 2016: Five Major Questions We’d Love to See Answered this Year

January 4, 2016     Mark Hagland
U.S. healthcare faces many significant questions, as we begin a new year. Here are five worth pondering.

Creating a Circle of Clinical Informatics Researchers

January 2, 2016     David Raths
A network of academic researchers who focus on the comparative effectiveness of electronic health records has formalized its efforts and will recruit other researchers and chief medical information officers to join the effort.