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Live from AMIA iHealth: What Happens When Patients Upload Heart Rate Data Into the EHR?

May 4, 2017     David Raths
Cedars-Sinai Health System faced challenges when patients start uploading heart rate data into the EHR through the patient portal. Who is responsible for monitoring that data?

Day 2 of Datapalooza: More Providers Seeking Social Determinants Data

April 28, 2017     David Raths
Healthcare Informatics made social determinants of health data one of its top 10 tech trends for 2017. The presentations at the 8th annual Health Datapalooza in Washington, D.C., this week confirmed that sharing data across sectors is becoming more important in a value-based payment world.

Report from Datapalooza Day 1: Real-World Data Liberation

April 27, 2017     David Raths
The first day of the 8th annual Health Datapalooza in Washington, D.C., brought a reminder of the conference’s unofficial catchphrase: “Nothing about me without me.”

Unlocking the Key to Readmissions Reduction Success—Looking at Clinical Transformation, and the “ACO Effect”

April 24, 2017     Mark Hagland
A recent study lends further credence to already-accumulating anecdotal evidence regarding the value of ACO, bundled-payment, and even MU-driven, work, to support the processes that can unlock success in reducing readmissions

Connected, but Not Aligned

April 20, 2017     Glenn Pearson
Technology is everywhere, but up until fairly recently, there has been little effort to try to align resources or data definitions to provide seamless communication and, therefore, streamlined care.

Have You Written Your Health System’s Constitution?

April 13, 2017     David Raths
Are there parallels between the development of your health system’s IT governance structure and how the Founding Fathers compromised to create the U.S. Constitution?

What Can We Learn From Oregon’s Innovative Medicaid Experiment?

April 11, 2017     Mark Hagland
The March issue of Health Affairs includes an article based on a study of Oregon’s exceptionally innovative Medicaid managed care program—with major implications for the future of population health initiatives nationwide

Population Health in Maryland: ‘The Stars Are in Alignment’

April 10, 2017     David Raths
Maryland’s experiment in changing how provider organizations are paid opens the door to population health experimentation.

Might Food Be the Next Frontier on the Population Health Horizon?

April 5, 2017     Mark Hagland
Connecting patients’ nutrition, exercise, and other “lifestyle”-related characteristics to health risk assessment and then to care management, could be next in efforts among population health pioneers, as they seek to improve both clinical and financial outcomes

Buying into Healthcare’s Blockchain Hype

April 4, 2017     Rajiv Leventhal
After speaking and listening to industry experts discuss blockchain in recent months, it’s not hard to see why there’s so much buzz about its potential in healthcare.

PAX East: Thoughts on Gamification for Healthcare

March 31, 2017     Dave Levin, M.D.
Recently my oldest son invited me to go with him to PAX East, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world. Having recently come from HIMSS17 I was struck by both the contrasts and the similarities.

HIT Summit: A Learning Experience

March 29, 2017     Joe Marion
Last week I had the honor to attend and present at the HIT Summit in Cleveland, Ohio. What I found intriguing about the Summit was the diversity of topics addressed by the various speakers.

The “Most Influential Women in Health IT” Share Words of Wisdom and Issue a Call to Action

March 29, 2017     Heather Landi
Receiving an award is often a recognition of past accomplishments, but several leading women in the health IT industry see their recent award recognition as a call to action to continue their work solving big problems in healthcare through technology.

Investing in the Interview

March 29, 2017     Tim Tolan
There are simple steps to follow to increase your odds of landing a job

Healthcare Informatics Report Confirms MDs’ Lack of Preparedness for MACRA

March 29, 2017     Mark Hagland
A survey cosponsored by Healthcare Informatics and physician social network SERMO uncovers a significant lack of preparation by most practicing physicians for the data reporting requirements under the MACRA law

How Is Health Tech Like Harry Potter's Wand?

March 23, 2017     Glenn Pearson
A recent Healthcare Informatics webinar I was a part of included many nuanced comments about the value and challenges of incorporating and implementing technology in healthcare.

Could Public-Private Collaboration Around Hospital Data Move Into a New Phase?

March 20, 2017     Mark Hagland
A “Perspective” column published in The New England Journal of Medicine that points to potential areas of collaboration around the data inputs to the Prospective Payment System—with some interesting implications

Editor's Notes: Have You Experienced Your “Rite of Spring” Moment Yet in Healthcare?

March 17, 2017     Mark Hagland
Anyone who isn’t living in a cave knows that the current environment of healthcare and healthcare IT is one of great ferment these days. It is challenging and exciting, and the pace of change right now is absolutely bracing.

AI Now? Really?

March 14, 2017     Dave Levin, M.D.
Once again, I am failing Fitzgerald’s test of first-rate intelligence. It happens frequently. This week the cause is artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare. I blame HIMSS 2017.

Autonomous Driving: What’s Next, Autonomous Healthcare?

March 12, 2017     Joe Marion
Autonomous cars are coming. Will healthcare follow suit?