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Lessons Learned Launching Critical Care Telehealth Program at Intermountain

June 23, 2016     David Raths
In a Utah warehouse that serves as Intermountain Healthcare’s supply chain center sits the nerve center of the 22-hospital system’s tele-critical care program. A team of 22 doctors and 20 nurses remotely monitor patient conditions, provide real-time clinical support and ensure consistency of care.

Ships Sailing? Trains Leaving Stations? Whatever Metaphor One Chooses, the New Healthcare Has Definitively Launched

June 21, 2016     Mark Hagland
Whether one imagines ships sailing or trains leaving stations, one thing is clear: the new healthcare, with all of its data, process, and leadership challenges, seems to be at an inflection point around value-based care delivery and payment

CMS’s New Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Program: Another Signal to Healthcare IT Leaders to Step It Up

June 16, 2016     Mark Hagland
A recent analysis of CMS’s new Comprehensive Primary Care Plus initiative reinforces the reality that we’ve reached a tipping point on value-based reimbursement in healthcare—and that healthcare IT leaders need to help physicians succeed in the new healthcare

The Odyssey: Using Really Big Data to Better Understand Treatment Pathways

June 15, 2016     David Raths
The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics collaboration created an international data network with 11 data sources from four countries, including EHR and administrative claims data on 250 million patients.

Co-Creation is the Two-Way Street to Usability

June 15, 2016     Joe Bormel
We are now in the era of value-based healthcare where HCAHPS scores play a huge role in reimbursement, and consumerism is a factor that cannot be ignored. Therefore, it’s time we rethink our path to usability.

My Interview with Steven Keating, the ‘Open Patient’

June 8, 2016     David Raths
How far would you go to get access to your health data if you had a life-threatening condition? Would you enroll in a graduate medical program to get access to your own tumor as a researcher? Steven Keating did.

Why Provider Leaders Need to Understand the Significance of PBGH’s Recent Foray into Care Management

June 8, 2016     Mark Hagland
The Pacific Business Group on Health, one of the most progressive purchaser alliances in healthcare, has been involved in an extensive care management initiative, one that provider leaders would do well to understand and reflect on

The 2015 Hospital Data Exchange Numbers are in: Has the Needle Been Moved?

June 7, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
A new data brief from the government and the American Hospital Association makes one wonder when hospitals will be able to perform all interoperable exchange activities.

As the Sands in the Hourglass Begin to Trickle Down, It’s Time for Healthcare IT Leaders to Help MDs Prepare for MIPS and APMs

June 4, 2016     Mark Hagland
Recent analyses of this spring’s CMS Proposed Rule on MIPS offer healthcare IT leaders a heady preview of what’s ahead for practicing physicians under MIPS—and why IT leaders will be called on to help them facilitate their future success

More Work to Do on Part 2

June 4, 2016     David Raths
Stakeholders seem to agree that the changes proposed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to rules about how providers share data about individuals with substance use disorders do not solve the problem.

Editor's Notes: What Happens When a Golden Age Declines? Time for a Future-Focused Reset

May 27, 2016     Mark Hagland
I am currently absorbed in a fascinating work of history that relates to the current advancement of the healthcare IT sector.

Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

May 26, 2016     Tim Tolan
LinkedIn is the best tool you can possibly have in your arsenal besides your own personal networking when it comes to landing a new gig.

Multiple Best-of-Breed Applications Make Up Population Health Stack, Execs Say

May 26, 2016     David Raths
Shawn Griffin, M.D., chief quality and informatics officer for Houston-based Memorial Hermann Physician Network, and Tricia Nguyen, M.D., executive vice president for population health, Texas Health Resources, share their perspective on population health trends.

Taking a Deeper Dive into the Healthcare Informatics 100

May 25, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
As of Monday, May 23, all Healthcare Informatics 100 company listings have been made public on our website. Now, let’s dive into some of the details of this year’s compendium.

How Big a Role Is Health IT Playing in Physician Burnout?

May 23, 2016     David Raths
I spoke recently with Philip Kroth, M.D., associate CMIO at the University of New Mexico Hospitals, about an AHRQ-funded study of the health-IT related factors associated with clinician stress and burnout.

A Sober Analysis Sees Both Forward Movement and Complexity in ACO Development Nationwide

May 21, 2016     Mark Hagland
An article published last month in the Health Affairs Blog offers a compelling analysis of the growth and progress of ACO development nationwide—and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of ACO development going forward

System Design Can Improve Radiologist-Physician Communication Productivity

May 20, 2016     Joe Marion
Clinician and patient collaboration, aided by technology are vital to productivity improvement and can benefit clinical decision support and results communication

Looking at the M&A Dance in Healthcare IT: How Will 2016 End Up, Trend-Wise?

May 19, 2016     Mark Hagland
The analysis by Michelle Mattson-Hamilton and Ben Rooks of ST Advisors of merger and acquisition activity in 2015 speaks to some of the fundamental realities of the U.S. healthcare system’s broader trajectory

What Do the Latest Survey Results about Consumer Interest in Wearables Really Mean—for Providers?

May 15, 2016     Mark Hagland
A new study by analysts at PriceWaterhouseCoopers finds that healthcare consumers are very interested in wearable devices—and also that providers have a real opening for patient engagement around those wearables

Datapalooza Day 2 Report: Health Data Liberation Remains a Political Struggle

May 10, 2016     David Raths
An underlying tension at the Health Datapalooza Conference is that many of the people attending are activists and patient advocates who argue that individuals should have control over how their health data is used and that providers have a moral imperative to make it easier for them to access that...