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Building Blocks

July 21, 2009  |  David Raths
Should state-level health IT leaders primarily work on increasing EHR adoption rates and creating the infrastructure for statewide data exchange? Or should they focus on small victories with pilot projects that target chronic disease management to both help...

Establishing Order

July 21, 2009  |  Jim Feldbaum, M.D.
There is a joke told by medical students as they begin their surgical rotation. In the joke, a medical student asks the surgeon whether he/she “likes their stitches too short or too long.” When it comes to order sets, a CIO may feel like that student. There is...

What's a community hospital CIO to do?

July 15, 2009  | 
The Stimulus Bill and the billions of dollars it directs have hospitals and physicians scrambling to qualify as ‘meaningful users’ in order to collect significant incentive payments.

One-on-One With Blair Childs, Sr. VP Public Affairs, Premier Inc.

July 13, 2009  | 
As healthcare reform, reimbursement reform, and healthcare IT-related legislation moves forward on Capitol Hill, those performing advocacy work in Congress are busy sprinting across the Hill in order to keep up with fast-moving developments. One of those...

One-on-One With GE HealthcareIT's President and CEO Vishal Wanchoo, Part III

July 9, 2009  | 
It’s not often that we interview vendor executives, but when I saw GE’s plans to offer providers interest-free funding for its EMR (acute and ambulatory), with payback schedules pegged to HITECH disbursements, it piqued my curiosity. After all, one of the main...

The true measure of an all-star

July 9, 2009  | 
In the two months, HCI has profiled two CIOs at hospitals with less than 100 beds (both of which are HIMSS Stage 6 hospitals) — Denni McComb of Citizens Memorial Healthcare in Bolivar, Mo., and Bill McQuaid of Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick, Maine...

One-on-One with Parkview Adventist Medical Center CIO Bill McQuaid, Part III

July 6, 2009  | 
Affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Parkview is one of about 70 acute care Adventist hospitals in the United States and about 200 worldwide. Earlier this year, Parkview became one of 24 hospitals nationwide recognized by HIMSS Analytics for...

Musings on Selecting an EMR Vendor for Long-Term Care

June 30, 2009  |  Rich Temple
My organization, AristaCare Health Services, based in South Plainfield, NJ, owns and operates five skilled nursing facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are growing rapidly, anticipating more than doubling in size within the next few months, and have been...

Is Transcribing the Same as Listening?

June 6, 2009  |  Jim Feldbaum, M.D.
My doctor must be listening; after all he is busy typing my answers to his questions into his laptop. Occasionally he lifts his head for clarification: “did you say it was your left or your right?” missing the subtlety that I am holding my injured arm...

Putting a Price Tag on Failure

June 2, 2009  |  Jim Feldbaum
Implementing an EMR, whether in the hospital or in physician’s offices, is tricky business. Although there are predictable pitfalls we seem to always find new ways (or combination of ways) to stall or fail altogether.

Granting Access: An EHR Security Risk?

June 1, 2009  |  Joe Marion
I am currently working with a client to review an enterprise cardiology system implementation across a multi-facility IDN. The organization is in the midst of rolling out a new Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) that was intended to address many of...

One-on-One With Citizens Memorial CIO Denni McColm, Part III

May 29, 2009  |  Anthony Guerra
Four years ago, Davies Award-winning Citizens Memorial Healthcare overhauled its IT structure to operate more efficiently, improve patient care and manage rising costs. Today, a fully integrated, 100 percent paperless healthcare information system connects the...


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