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Live from iHT2-Miami: Getting Beyond the Buzzword: Is Progress Being Made on Interoperability?

February 2, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
At the Health IT Summit in Miami, sponsored by iHT2, Monday morning panelists discussed the tangle of issues facing the push towards true interoperability in U.S. healthcare

A Change in Mindset: Thinking of HIE as a Utility

July 9, 2015  |  David Raths
Although health information exchanges struggle with getting providers to add cumbersome query capabilities into their workflow, many are finding success by providing a suite of other services that become invaluable to hospitals, physician practices and...

Live From eHealth Initiative: Why You Should Care About Patient-Matching Algorithms

February 4, 2015  |  David Raths
How important is accurate patient matching to the interoperability of health data? Here’s the problem in a nutshell: In Texas, the Harris County Hospital District’s database has medical records on almost 2,500 people named Maria Garcia and 231 of them have the...

As ACOs and Population Health Move Forward, No “Big Boxes” of Diagnostic Images Needed

November 18, 2014  |  Mark Hagland
Multiple revolutions are taking place simultaneously, with accountable care and population health, HIE development, data-sharing and storage technologies, and policy and reimbursement changes, all impacting imaging informatics now

Self-Developing an Integrated EHR/Electronic Dental Record: La Clinica’s Bold Journey

November 4, 2014  |  Mark Hagland
Tina Buop, Director of IT at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland, California, has been leading her colleagues forward on an exceptional journey, creating the first self-developed, fully integrated EHR/electronic dental record

Striving Forward, Atrius Health Focuses on ACO-Driven Learning

October 20, 2014  |  Mark Hagland
At Atrius Health, a non-profit alliance of six community-based medical groups in Massachusetts, mastering the ins and outs of the Pioneer ACO Program is part of a long-term strategic plan

Achieving Statewide Connectivity and Interoperability Down Under: New South Wales’s Experience So Far

September 20, 2014  |  Mark Hagland
New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia, is in the middle of groundbreaking work that is making EHR data and diagnostic images available at an unprecedented level of access and seamlessness, on behalf of that state’s people

The Evolving Case of Analytics in Mississippi

August 27, 2014  |  Gabriel Perna
The Mississippi DOM has been tasked with generating a data analytics platform from a wide array of systems and services for its large Medicaid population. The agency recently took a big step forward in this project.

Health Information Technology: A Game Changer for Population Health

August 13, 2014  |  Cynthia E. Keen
Anticipating their participation in a panel discussion at the Health IT Summit in Seattle this month, three industry experts ponder the opportunities and challenges involved in leveraging healthcare IT to support population health

Arizona to Study Unique Patient Identifiers

March 21, 2014  |  David Raths
Like most states, Arizona is in a transition period in terms of health IT initiatives. It has made great progress in EHR adoption (80 percent) and has a statewide health information exchange with a sustainable business model that includes funding from both...

Micky Tripathi Explains the Second Phase of Mass HIway

February 4, 2014  |  Gabriel Perna
The venerable Micky Tripathi, CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), sits down with Healthcare Informatics’ Senior Editor, Gabriel Perna, to discuss the second phase of the Massachusetts health information exchange (HIE), the Mass HIway and...

Live From the CHIME Fall CIO Forum: Patient Matching: Yet Another Journey for CIOs

October 10, 2013  |  Mark Hagland
On Thursday afternoon, Oct. 10, during the CHIME Fall CIO Forum, CHIME president and CEO Russell P. Branzell led a panel discussion on a topic that has been receiving more and more attention lately: the complex set of issues around patient matching.


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