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Mediware gets their hands on Hanns-On

November 30, 2008
by vciotti
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Odd, Mediware, a major player in standalone ancillary department systems, with a Pharmacy product called "Worx," Â just acquired Hanns-On, a standalone Pharmacy system leader. We've seen Hanns On in a number of client hospitals over the years, and its a solid system - reasonably priced with strong functionality. A major competitor of Worx. So why does Mediware need 2 Pharmacy systems? Good question; anyone got any answers??

Acquisition was a relative bargain at $3.5M. That's about what large AMCs and IDNs pay for the Pharmacy piece (license fee & implementation) in their giga-buck EMR systems...Â



Mediware's WORx system was developed and targeted to large hospitals as a full spectrum best of breed product. While hospitals are currently stampeding towards Big Box giga-buck, mediocre of breed pharmacy systems, Mediware has tried to market to smaller market and specialty hospitals. These institutions may not need nor be able to afford WORx. Hence the acquisition of Hann's On Software. This will allow Mediware to further expand their marketshare in the small hospital/mental health institution area as well as continue to market their WORx product to teaching hospitals and larger institutions. The two products don't really compete against each other as they have different types of customers. It's a smart business move.