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Healthcare Informatics 100 - 2017 Submission Form


The Healthcare Informatics 100 ranks the top vendors with the highest revenues derived from healthcare IT (HIT) products and services earned in the U.S. This year we are also asking each vendor to estimate the percentage of revenue earned in all of their product segments. View the 2016 list.

As a reminder, HIT revenue:

  • Does include income derived from the sale of computer hardware, software and related services to healthcare providers-- including hospitals, ambulatory clinics, and physician practices--as well as in the payer, health information management, employer, and vendor-to-vendor market.
  • Does NOT include non-computer-based equipment nor health and wellness content publishers, including those for patient and professional education, whether books or electronic media.
With questions, contact Healthcare Informatics Managing Editor Rajiv Leventhal: rleventhal@vendomegrp.com
Submission deadline: April 21, 2017

The submission process is now closed.

Stay tuned for the release of the Healthcare Informatics 100 starting May 22nd.



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1. General Information:


(This will not be printed.)
(This will not be printed.)
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3. Please indicate the type of HIT revenue as a percent of your total HIT revenues:*

3a: % Software applications and systems.
3b: % Hardware: Servers, personal computers, handheld devices, workstations on wheels, storage, routers, identification & tracking
3c: % Services: Consulting, system integration, software support, installation—assessments, strategic planning, system selections,

4. Description:*
In 30 fact-driven words or less, describe the products and services your company provides, and to whom.
Please avoid description with superlative adjectives such as top-rated, leading-edge, first rate, best in KLAS, etc., or your submission will be rewritten at our discretion.

5. Please indicate your product segment(s). Once you’ve selected your product segment(s) please indicate the percentage this product segment makes up of your total revenue. *

  • EHRs/Clinical IT
  • Telehealth
  • ePrescribing
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Imaging Informatics
  • Medication Administration/Barcoding/RFID/Locationing
  • Coding/ICD-10
  • Patient Engagement
  • Communication/Messaging

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Billing/Claims
  • Asset Management

  • Interoperability
  • HIE

  •  Cloud/Storage
  •  Disaster Recovery

  • Population Health/Analytics
  • Data Analytics

5a. Please provide percentages of the segments you selected above (Up to 100%):
(All percentages entered must total greater than 80% and equal to or less than 100%)

% Clinical Information Systems
% Financial Information Systems
% Data Exchange
% Data Management
% Data Analytics
% Data Security
% Consulting Services
% Other

6. 2016 US HIT Revenue (fiscal year) *
When filling in dollar figures, please present the figure in U.S. dollars with all zeros (do not include cents). For example, "fifty-one million" would be expressed as "$51,000,000."

8. 2016 HIT M&A Activity (this refers to activity that was formally concluded, not just announced, prior to Dec. 31, 2016). Please select one of the following: *

If your company made an acquisition(s):

8a: Name of acquired company:
8b: Date of close:
8c: Purchase price (if disclosable):

If your company divested an entity:

8d: Name of entity divested:
8e: Date of the sale:
8f: Sale price:
(for acquisitions provide the name of the entity purchased, the date of close, and the purchase amount. For sales, provide the name of the entity sold, the date of the sale and the amount.)


(Name and Title)
(Name and Title)
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