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2009 HCI 100

The HCI 100 List

This year we provide 2 ways to view the HCI 100 list.

You can view the interactive list presented at the top in which you can click the column headings to sort by column OR you can scroll through the entire list below which shows each entry in order in a summary view.

The Interactive List


The List

McKesson Technology Solutions | Alpharetta, GA | 415-983-8300 | http://www.mckesson.com

HIT Revenue: $ 2,984,000,000 ('08)$ 2,239,000,000 ('07)$ 1,844,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Awarix in July 2007; Rosebud Solutions LLC in March 2008.

M&A 2007: Acquired HealthCom Partners LLC in May 2006; RelayHealth Corp. in June 2006; Per-Se Technologies, Inc. in Jan. 2007; Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (Practice Partner) in Feb. 2007.

M&A 2006: Acquired Medcon Ltd. in June 2005

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 15,700Market: PublicFounded: 1974

McKesson Technology Solutions is the information technology and connectivity business of McKesson Corp. McKesson provides IT solutions that help organizations worldwide to improve patient safety, reduce the cost and variability of care, and better manage revenue stream and resources.

Company Executive: John Hammergren, CEO

Cerner Corporation | Kansas City, MO | 816-221-1024 | http://www.cerner.com

HIT Revenue: $ 1,676,028,000 ('08)$ 1,520,000,000 ('07)$ 1,378,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired LingoLogix, Inc. in Aug. 2008 for $4M.

M&A 2007: Acquired Etreby Computer Company in Feb. 2007 for $23.5M.

M&A 2006: Acquired Galt Associates in July 2006 for $13.7M.

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 7,500Market: PublicFounded: 1979

Cerner provides healthcare information technology solutions for organizations around the world, ranging in size from single-doctor practices to entire countries.

Company Executives: Neal Patterson, Chairman of the Board, and CEO; Trace Devanny, President

CSC | Falls Church, VA | 703-876-1000 | http://www.csc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 1,640,000,000 ('08)$ 1,366,000,000 ('07)$ 1,190,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired First Consulting Group in Jan. 2008 for $365M.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 6,000Market: PublicFounded: 1959

CSC serves all segments of the healthcare industry, providing strategic planning, operations improvement, systems integration and outsourcing services.

Company Executives: Michael Laphen, President, CEO; Deward Watts, President, Healthcare Group

Agfa HealthCare | BELGIUM | 864-421-1700 | http://www.agfa.com/healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 1,583,376,000 ('08)$ 1,850,000,000 ('07)$ 1,879,900,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired HYDMedia.

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 5,000 Market: PublicFounded: 1867

Agfa HealthCare is a provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic image management solutions, and state-of-the-art systems for capturing and processing images in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Company Executives: Christian Reinaudo; Eric Maurincomme

Siemens Medical Solutions | GERMANY | http://www.medical.siemens.com

HIT Revenue: $ 1,400,000,000 ('08) (HIS Pros Estimate)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 3,529

Perot Systems | Plano, TX | 972-577-0000 | http://www.perotsystems.com

HIT Revenue: $ 1,304,000,000 ('08)$ 1,342,000,000 ('07)$ 1,107,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Tellurian Networks, Inc. in Nov. 2008.

M&A 2007: Acquired JJWild Holdings, Inc. in Aug. 2007 for $86M.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 10,000Market: PublicFounded: 1988

Perot Systems provides consulting, business process and technology solutions for the healthcare industry, including hospitals, physicians, payers and pharmacy and supply chain clients. Services include use of technologies such as EHRs to improve patient safety.

Company Executives: Peter Altabef; Chuck Lyles

GE Healthcare | UK | http://www.gehealthcare.com

HIT Revenue: $ 1,000,000,000 ('08) (HIS Pros Estimate)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Philips Healthcare | Andover, MA | 978-659-3000 | http://www.philips.com/healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 732,000,000 ('08)$ 356,000,000 ('07)N/A ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Tomcat Systems Ltd. in March 2008; VISICU, Inc. in Feb. 2008 for $430M.

M&A 2007: Acquired Emergin in Dec. 2007; XIMIS, Inc. in Aug. 2007.

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: N/AMarket: PublicFounded: 1891

Philips' healthcare informatics portfolio includes image and information management solutions and clinical decision support tools for radiology, cardiology, critical care, obstetrics, and anesthesia that complement EHR investments and integrate into core hospital information systems.

Company Executives: Steve Rusckowski, CEO, Philips Healthcare; Deborah DiSanzo, CEO, Healthcare Informatics and Patient Monitoring

Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions, Inc. | Chicago, IL | 312-447-2498 | http://www.allscripts.com

HIT Revenue: $ 694,374,000 ('08)$ 281,908,000 ('07)$ 227,969,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions merged with Misys Healthcare Solutions in a reverse merger consummated in Oct. 2008 for $569.2M (Allscripts is the legal acquirer and Misys is the accounting acquirer).

M&A 2007: Acquired Extended Care Information Network in Dec. 2007 for $19M; Source Medical Solutions, Inc. in July 2007 for $11.7M.

M&A 2006: Acquired A4 Health Systems, Inc. in Jan. 2007.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 2,500Market: PublicFounded: 1986

The new Allscripts provides software, services, information and connectivity solutions that enable physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver patient safety, clinical outcomes and financial results.

Company Executives: Glen Tullman; Lee Shapiro

Cognizant | Teaneck, NJ | 201-801-0233 | http://www.cognizant.com

HIT Revenue: $688,376,509 ('08)$507,896,394 ('07)$330,860,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired marketRx in Nov. 2007 for $135M.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 12,000Market: PublicFounded: 1994

Cognizant provides global IT, BPO and consulting services. Its healthcare practice is a strategic partner to payers, providers and intermediaries, delivering industry-specific services that drive sustainable value and operational improvements.

Company Executives: Francisco D'Souza, President and CEO; Gordon Coburn, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Epic | Verona, WI | 608-271-9000 | http://www.epicsystems.com

HIT Revenue: $ 602,000,000 ('08)$ 503,000,000 ('07)$ 422,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 3,400Market: PrivateFounded: 1979

Epic's software is the IT backbone for many of the nation's largest physician practices, health delivery networks, academic medical centers and pediatric hospitals. A central database links clinics, hospitals, and remote Web-based settings with clinical, scheduling, and billing information.

Company Executives: Judith Faulkner; Carl Dvorak

Eclipsys | Atlanta, GA | 404-847-5000 | http://www.eclipsys.com

HIT Revenue: $ 515,762,000 ('08)$ 477,533,000 ('07)$ 427,542,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired EPSi in Feb. 2008 for $53M.

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 2,500Market: PublicFounded: 1995

Eclipsys is a provider of integrated clinical, revenue cycle and performance management software, clinical content and professional services that help healthcare organizations improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Company Executives: Andrew Eckert, President and CEO; Jay Deady, Executive Vice President, Client Solutions

3M Health Information Systems | Salt Lake City, UT | 800-367-2447 | http://www.3mhis.com

HIT Revenue: $ 413,300,000 ('08)$ 399,500,000 ('07)$ 288,400,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired SoftMed Systems, Inc. in Dec. 2006.

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 950Market: PublicFounded: 1983

3M Health Information Systems delivers software and consulting services solutions across the healthcare continuum for transcription, speech recognition, clinical documentation improvement, document management, computer-assisted coding, quality, and revenue cycle management.

Company Executives: Jon Lindekugel; James McDonough

Medical Information Technology, Inc. | Westwood, MA | 781-821-3000 | http://www.meditech.com

HIT Revenue: $ 397,000,000 ('08)$ 376,200,000 ('07)$ 344,580,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 2,700Market: PrivateFounded: 1969

Meditech's applications unify clinical, administrative, and financial information across healthcare organizations, including acute care, long-term care, home healthcare, and physician practices.

Company Executives: A. Neil Pappalardo; Howard Messing

Nuance Communications | Burlington, MA | 781-565-5000 | http://www.nuance.com/healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 379,748,000 ('08)$ 281,208,000 ('07)$ 136,527,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Philips Speech Recognition Systems in Oct. 2008 for $96M.

M&A 2006: Acquired Dictaphone in March 2006 for $359M.

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 700Market: PublicFounded: 2005

Nuance's Healthcare Business provides a suite of speech-driven clinical documentation and communication solutions that enable healthcare provider organizations to reduce operating costs, increase reimbursement, and enhance patient care and safety.

Company Executives: John Shagoury, Co-President Nuance Healthcare; Jeanne McCann, Co-President Nuance Healthcare

Extreme Networks | Santa Clara, CA | 408-579-3033 | http://www.extremenetworks.com

HIT Revenue: $ 362,000,000 ('08)$ 343,000,000 ('07)$ 359,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 35Market: PublicFounded: 1996

Extreme Networks is a provider of network infrastructure equipment for healthcare, corporate, government, education and metropolitan telecommunications enterprises.

Company Executives: Mark Canepa, CEO; Karen Rogge, CFO

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) | San Diego, CA | 858-826-6000 | http://www.saic.com

HIT Revenue: $ 347,000,000 ('08)$ 342,000,000 ('07)$ 319,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital clinical systems

Employees: 1,900Market: PublicFounded: 1969

SAIC applies expertise in health IT, public health, life sciences and health services to improve healthcare delivery, reduce medical errors, secure global health and expedite medical research.

Company Executives: Ken Dahlberg; Charles Koontz

Wipro Technologies | East Brunswick, NJ | 732-509-1500 | http://www.wipro.com/healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 344,460,000 ('08)$ 254,000,000 ('07)$ 121,550,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Infocrossing in Sept. 2007 for $18.70 a share (total value $600M).

Major Revenue: Hospital clinical systems

Employees: 6,444Market: PublicFounded: 1945

Wipro HLS targets the complete spectrum of healthcare firms, providing IT services in the areas of consulting, application development and maintenance, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing.

Company Executives: Makarand Thigale; Arnab Bag

MedQuist, Inc. | Mt. Laurel, NJ | 800-233-3030 | http://www.medquist.com

HIT Revenue: $ 326,853,000 ('08)$ 340,342,000 ('07)$ 358,091,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 6,150Market: PublicFounded: 1970

MedQuist provides speech recognition-based technologies and managed transcription services, including voice capture and coding, to help improve clinical documentation workflow, enhance patient care, increase physician satisfaction, and lower operational costs.

Company Executives: Peter Masanotti, CEO; Mark Ivie, CTO

TELUS Health Solutions | CANADA | 866-363-7447 | http://www.telushealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 305,000,000 ('08)$ 149,000,000 ('07)$ 113,800,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Emergis in Jan. 2008 for $760M, with sales of $200M.

Major Revenue: Hospital clinical systems

Employees: 1,100Market: PublicFounded: 1998 (as Emergis)

TELUS Health provides information and communication technology solutions, including unified patient records, drug information systems, pharmacy management software, clinical applications, bedside terminals, telehealth community care management, health data warehouse and iScheduler.

Company Executives: Francois Cote, President and General Manager; Francois Gratton, Executive Vice President, Provider Solutions

MedAssets, Inc. | Alpharetta, GA | 678-248-8194 | http://www.medassets.com

HIT Revenue: $ 279,656,000 ('08)$ 188,518,000 ('07)$ 188,518,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Accuro in June 2008 for $350M.

M&A 2007: Acquired MD-X in July 2007 for $79.7M.

M&A 2006: Acquired Avega in Jan. 2006 for $65M.

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 1,700Market: PublicFounded: 1999

MedAssets implements supply chain and revenue cycle management solutions that help control cost, improve margins and cash flow, increase regulatory compliance, and optimize operational efficiency. It serves more than 3,300 hospitals and 30,000 non-acute care healthcare providers.

Company Executives: John Bardis, Chairman, President and CEO; L. Neil Hunn, Executive Vice President, CFO

Sage | Tampa, FL | 877-932-6301 | http://sagehealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 273,800,000 ('08)$ 300,000,000 ('07)

M&A 2006: Acquired its healthcare division in Sept. 2006.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 1,400Market: PublicFounded: 1982

Sage provides electronic health records, practice management and business intelligence software and consulting services, as well as accounting and ERP solutions for the business needs of physicians' practices.

Company Executives: Lindy Benton, Chief Operating Officer; Maureen Peszko, Senior Vice President

InterSystems Corp. | Cambridge, MA | 617-621-0600 | http://www.intersystems.com

HIT Revenue: $ 226,000,000 ('08)$ 195,000,000 ('07)$ 160,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired TrakHealth in May 2007.

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 800Market: PrivateFounded: 1978

With offices in 22 countries, InterSystems provides products that enable fast development, deployment, analysis, and integration of enterprise-class applications.

Company Executives: Phillip “Terry” Ragon; John McCormick

SAS | Cary, NC | 919-677-8000 | http://www.sas.com

HIT Revenue: $ 205,660,000 ('08)$ 172,000,000 ('07)$ 169,100,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 100Market: PrivateFounded: 1976

SAS' analytics help clients transform data into predictive insights about company performance, customers, markets, risks and more.

Company Executives: Jim Goodnight, CEO; Jim Davis, CMO

HealthPort, Inc. | Alpharetta, GA | 800-737-2585 | http://www.healthport.com

HIT Revenue: $ 200,000,000 ('08)$ 150,000,000 ('07)$ 100,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Chart One in Sept. 2008.

M&A 2007: Companion Technologies acquired Smart Document Solutions to form HealthPort in June 2007.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 3,840Market: PrivateFounded: 1976

HealthPort is a healthcare IT company committed to improving business processes for hospitals, physician practices and community health centers through its solutions and services. Its mission is to partner with healthcare providers to improve patient care, business processes, and financial results by providing quality service, proven solutions, and trusted expertise.

Company Executives: Mike Labedz; Patrick Haynes, III

Keane, Inc. | San Francisco, CA | 631-824-5318 | http://www.keane.com/hsd

HIT Revenue: $ 187,299,000 ('08)$ 189,293,000 ('07)$ 174,488,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Caritor Inc. acquired Keane, Inc. in June 2007 for $854M. The resulting private company now operates globally under the Keane name.

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 400Market: PrivateFounded: 1965

Keane provides healthcare-specific IT products and services to acute and post-acute healthcare organizations. Its product, Keane Optimum, is a one-source solution for healthcare organizations seeking to improve financial performance and patient care.

Company Executives: Walt Kaczor, Senior Vice President; Ed Meehan, Vice President Sales and Marketing

NextGen Healthcare/Quality Systems, Inc. | Horsham, PA | 215-657-7010 | http://www.nextgen.com

HIT Revenue: $ 186,500,000 ('08)$ 157,000,000 ('07)$ 119,300,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 600Market: PublicFounded: 1994

NextGen Healthcare is a provider of practice management systems, EHR software, and revenue cycle services for medical practices.

Company Executives: Steven Plochocki, President and CEO (QSI); Patrick Cline, President (NextGen Healthcare)

Spheris | Franklin, TN | 615-261-1500 | http://www.spheris.com

HIT Revenue: $ 182,100,000 ('08)$ 200,400,000 ('07)$ 207,100,000 ('06)

M&A 2006: Acquired Vianeta Communications in May 2006.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 550Market: PrivateFounded: 1993

Spheris provides clinical documentation services and technology to health systems, hospitals and group practices. The Spheris Clarity technology platform is designed to enhance accuracy, turnaround time and workflow. Our understanding of how healthcare facilities work enables us to combine technology with expert teams delivering comprehensive solutions.

Company Executives: Daniel Kohl; Tony James

Kronos | Chelmsford, MA | 978-250-9800 | http://www.kronos.com

HIT Revenue: $ 178,766,750 ('08)$ 158,821,000 ('07)$ 156,116,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 3,000Market: PrivateFounded: 1977

Kronos helps organizations manage their workforce by giving them the tools they need to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity.

Company Executives: Aron Ain, CEO; Paul Lacy, President

QuadraMed | Reston, VA | 877-823-7263 | http://www.quadramed.com

HIT Revenue: $ 150,000,000 ('08)$ 137,000,000 ('07)$ 125,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Misys QCPR in Sept. 2007 for $33M.

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 610Market: PublicFounded: 1993

QuadraMed provides real world solutions that help healthcare professionals deliver patient care efficiently and cost effectively. QuadraMed has clients at more than 2,000 healthcare provider facilities.

Company Executives: Jim Peebles, Interim CEO; Dave Piazza, CFO/COO

athenahealth, Inc. | Watertown, MA | 617-402-1428 | http://www.athenahealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 139,600,000 ('08)$ 100,800,000 ('07)$ 75,800,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired http://MedicalMessaging.net in Sept. 2008 for $7.7M.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 846Market: PublicFounded: 1997

athenahealth is a provider of Internet-based business services for physician practices. Its service offerings are based on proprietary, centrally-hosted practice management and EHR software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base and integrated back-office service operations.

Company Executives: Jonathan Bush, Chairman and CEO; Carl Byers, Senior Vice President and CFO

PHNS, Inc. | Dallas, TX | 214-257-7000 | http://www.phns.com

HIT Revenue: $ 127,993,000 ('08)$ 112,444,000 ('07)$ 92,151,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 1,776Market: PrivateFounded: 1999

PHNS provides information technology and business process services to hospitals, healthcare providers and other businesses across the United States. IT services include application hosting, co-location and managed services; electronic offsite data backup and data vaulting; business continuity solutions; disaster recovery services; and systems integration services. Business process services include health information management and revenue cycle services.

Company Executives: Daniel Allison, CEO; Richard Kneipper, Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Founder

CareTech Solutions | Troy, MI | 248-823-0800 | http://www.caretechsolutions.com

HIT Revenue: $ 125,240,000 ('08)$ 115,400,000 ('07)$ 112,750,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 830Market: PrivateFounded: 1998

From implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day operations, CareTech Solutions delivers IT services, Web products and solutions and health information management to hospitals and health systems.

Company Executives: James Giordano, President and CEO; Patrick Milostan, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

MED3OOO, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA | 412-937-8887 | http://www.MED3OOO.com

HIT Revenue: $ 120,594,741 ('08)$ 117,763,665 ('07)$ 47,685,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired InteGreat Concepts, Inc. in May 2007.

M&A 2006: Acquired iLiant, Inc. in May 2006; HealthServe in Nov. 2006.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 1,600Market: PrivateFounded: 1995

With expertise in healthcare management and information technology, MED3000 advances the performance of group medical practices, clinics, and hospital-employed physicians with revenue cycle management, practice intelligence, and application service provider PM/EHR systems.

Company Executives: Patrick Hampson, Chairman and CEO; Steve Ura, CTO

Picis | Wakefield, MA | 781-557-3000 | http://www.picis.com

HIT Revenue: $ 120,000,000 ('08)$ 115,000,000 ('07)$ 67,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Lynx Medical Systems in Aug. 2007.

Major Revenue: Hospital clinical systems

Employees: 636Market: PrivateFounded: 1994

Picis, a provider of high-acuity care information systems, focuses on the emergency department, surgery and critical care areas where patients are most vulnerable and hospital costs/revenues are concentrated. Picis has licensed systems for use in more than 1,700 hospitals in 19 countries.

Company Executives: Todd Cozzens, CEO; Melissa Cruz, CFO

CPSI | Mobile, AL | 800-711-2774 | http://www.cpsinet.com

HIT Revenue: $ 119,664,090 ('08)$ 110,012,795 ('07)$ 115,973,817 ('06)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 886Market: PublicFounded: 1979

CPSI provides a complete and fully integrated healthcare information system/EMR for community and specialty hospitals that includes software, hardware, conversion/implementation, and support. Software includes financial, clinical, point of care, medical practice, physician EMR portal, and PACS.

Company Executives: J. Boyd Douglas, President and CEO; Michael Jones, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Apollo Health Street | Conshohocken, PA | 800-350-5781 | http://www.apollohealthstreet.com

HIT Revenue: $ 110,000,000 ('08)$ 62,500,000 ('07)$ 23,700,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 2,500Market: PrivateFounded: 2000

Apollo Health Street is one of the nation's largest full-service revenue cycle management companies. With over 30 years of experience, it has the expertise and resources to help hospitals overcome complex business challenges in the revenue cycle department.

Company Executives: Andrew DeVoe; Arnab Sen

SCC Soft Computer | Clearwater, FL | 727-789-0100 | http://www.softcomputer.com

HIT Revenue: $ 87,300,000 ('08)$ 75,600,000 ('07)$ 62,500,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 1,550Market: PrivateFounded: 1979

SCC Soft Computer provides large hospitals and laboratories with integrated clinical software solutions, and offers information systems suites for lab, genetics, outreach, blood services, radiology, and pharmacy.

Company Executives: Gilbert Hakim, CEO; Jean Hakim, President

eClinicalWorks | Westborough, MA | 508-836-2700 | http://www.eclinicalworks.com

HIT Revenue: $ 86,360,323 ('08)$ 63,900,619 ('07)$ 38,214,865 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 750Market: PrivateFounded: 1999

eClinicalWorks' unified EMR/PM system manages patient flow and streamlines processes regardless of practice size, specialty and number of locations. Its solutions can create community-wide records.

Company Executives: Girish Kumar Navani, CEO and Co-Founder; Mahesh Navani, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. | Irving, TX | 214-262-6400 | http://www.necunified.com

HIT Revenue: $ 83,000,000 ('08)$ 105,000,000 ('07)$ 91,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 30Market: PrivateFounded: 1899

NEC Unified Solutions helps companies unify their business through software, applications, development tools and services. NEC offers a portfolio for unified communications, wireless, voice, data, managed and professional services.

Company Executives: Jeffrey Kane, President; Ed Welsh, CFO

Netsmart Technologies | Great River, NY | 800-421-7503 | http://www.ntst.com

HIT Revenue: $ 82,300,000 ('08)$ 69,600,000 ('07)$ 58,500,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Therapist Helper product suite and operations in Feb. 2008 for $12.3M.

Major Revenue: Behavioral Health

Employees: 405Market: PrivateFounded: 1978

Netsmart Technologies provides CCHIT-certified clinical and practice management software to 18,000 mental health treatment organizations, psychiatric hospitals, private mental health practices, public health departments and vital records offices nationwide.

Company Executives: James Conway, CEO; Kevin Scalia, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

CNSI | Rockville, MD | 301-634-4600 | http://www.cns-inc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 75,961,347 ('08)$ 79,281,659 ('07)$ 58,406,910 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 313Market: PublicFounded: 1994

CNSI provides a continuum of business solutions to help clients align technology to achieve operational success.

Company Executives: B. Chatterjee, President; Adnan Ahmed, Chief Strategy Officer

HOV Services | Troy, MI | 800-497-9527 | http://www.hovservices.com

HIT Revenue: $ 70,000,000 ('08)$ 48,000,000 ('07)$ 34,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired LASON, Inc. in Feb. 2007.

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 3,500Market: PublicFounded: 1985

HOV Services provides RCM services to hospitals and physician practices, including business intelligence, eligibility verification, coding, billing, claim submission, pre-adjudication, lockbox, cash posting, denials management, patient presentment and accounts receivable management.

Company Executives: Suresh Yannamani, President; Jim Reynolds, CFO

Vital Images, Inc. | Minnetonka, MN | 952-487-9500 | http://www.vitalimages.com

HIT Revenue: $ 68,100,000 ('08)$ 70,200,000 ('07)$ 70,500,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 277Market: PublicFounded: 1988

Vital Images is a provider of enterprise-wide visualization software solutions. Its technology gives radiologists, cardiologists and oncologists time-saving productivity and communications tools.

Company Executives: Mike Carrel; Peter Goepfrich

Healthcare Management Systems, Inc. | Nashville, TN | 615-383-7300 | http://www.hmstn.com

HIT Revenue: $ 68,000,000 ('08)$ 53,000,000 ('07)$ 47,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 400Market: PrivateFounded: 1984

Healthcare Management Systems develops, sells, and supports integrated clinical and financial hospital information systems and complementary services to over 650 community and specialty hospitals nationwide.

Company Executives: Thomas Stephenson, President and CEO; Michael Freeman, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

IFMC | West Des Moines, IA | 515-223-2900 | http://www.ifmc.org

HIT Revenue: $ 63,000,000 ('08)$ 54,000,000 ('07)$ 47,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 490Market: PublicFounded: 1971

IFMC's primary lines of business are care management, quality management and information management. Its integrated approach to health management is supported by information solutions like clinical reporting, quality measures and claims analysis.

Company Executives: Jeff Chungath; Don Lovasz

DR Systems, Inc. | San Diego, CA | 800-794-5955 | http://www.dominator.com

HIT Revenue: $ 62,762,657 ('08)$ 57,731,824 ('07)$ 50,180,499 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 180Market: PrivateFounded: 1992

DR Systems provides enterprise medical imaging and information management systems, offering both turnkey hardware/software and software-only solutions for radiology, mammography, cardiology, pathology, and orthopedics of ambulatory and acute care facilities.

Company Executives: Murray Reicher, M.D., Chairman and Co-Founder; Richard Porritt, President and CEO

InfoLogix, Inc. | Hatboro, PA | 215-604-0691 | http://www.infologix.com

HIT Revenue: $ 62,000,000 ('08)

M&A 2008: Acquired Aware Interweave in May 2008.

M&A 2007: Acquired AMT Systems in May 2007; Healthcare Informatics Associates in Oct. 2007; Healthcare Patent Portfolio in April 2007.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 150Market: PublicFounded: 2001

InfoLogix empowers hospitals to improve workflow, productivity and profitability. It provides integrated solutions for executives and clinicians to improve clinical and financial performance, mobilize healthcare applications, and manage EMR implementations.

Company Executives: David Gulian, President and CEO; Jay Roberts, CFO

Sunquest Information Systems | Tucson, AZ | 877-239-6377 | http://www.sunquestinfo.com

HIT Revenue: $ 60,000,000 ('08)(HIS Pros Estimate)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Merge Healthcare | Milwaukee, WI | 414-977-4000 | http://www.merge.com

HIT Revenue: $ 56,740,000 ('08)$ 59,572,000 ('07)$ 74,332,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 270Market: PublicFounded: 1987

Merge develops medical imaging and information software solutions as well as related services. Its solutions solve mission-critical issues for radiology practices, outpatient imaging centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.

Company Executives: Justin Dearborn; Steven Oreskovich

Passport Health Communications, Inc. | Franklin, TN | 615-661-5657 | http://www.passporthealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 56,400,000 ('08)$ 37,300,000 ('07)$ 31,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Nebo Systems and its claims outsourcing subsidiary, The Cosand Group in May 2008.

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 300Market: PrivateFounded: 1996

Passport delivers a range of administrative, clinical and financial tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the revenue cycle process. Its products and services are used by more than 5,300 hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare providers.

Company Executives: Jim Lackey, CEO; Keith Ely, President

Computer Task Group, Inc. (CTG) | Buffalo, NY | 716-882-8000 | http://www.ctg.com

HIT Revenue: $ 55,633,024 ('08)$ 52,879,950 ('07)$ 49,737,708 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 288Market: PublicFounded: 1966

CTG, parent company to CTGHS, is an ISO 9001:2000-certified IT services company, with over 40 years experience helping clients achieve competitive advantage through IT.

Company Executives: James Boldt; Thomas Niehaus

Syntel | Troy, MI | 248-619-2800 | http://www.syntelinc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 53,400,000 ('08)$ 49,000,000 ('07)$ 45,500,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 1,200Market: PublicFounded: 1980

Syntel provides integrated IT and KPO solutions spanning the life cycle of business and information systems and processes. Its mission is to create new opportunities for clients by harnessing the talent and innovation of Syntel employees worldwide.

Company Executives: Bharat Desai, Chairman; Keshav Murugesh, CEO and President

HealthStream, Inc. | Nashville, TN | 615-301-3100 | http://www.healthstream.com

HIT Revenue: $ 51,600,000 ('08)$ 43,900,000 ('07)$ 31,800,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Jackson Organization-Research Associates, Inc. in March 2007 for $12.1M.

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 380Market: PublicFounded: 1990

HealthStream provides learning and research solutions to healthcare organizations, including courseware, a learning management platform, a competency management system, and surveys for patient satisfaction, employee engagement, physician relations, and community perceptions.

Company Executives: Robert Frist, Jr.; J. Edward Pearson

Healthland, formerly Dairyland Healthcare Solutions | Glenwood, MN | 800-323-6987 | http://www.healthland.com

HIT Revenue: $ 48,000,000 ('08)$ 39,000,000 ('07)$ 37,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Total HIS

Employees: 250Market: PrivateFounded: 1980

Software and services from Healthland empower small community hospitals to deliver quality healthcare by providing a central repository of patient information in all care settings.

Company Executives: James Burgess; Kevin Fahey

TeleVox Software, Inc. | Mobile, AL | 800-644-4266 | http://www.televox.com

HIT Revenue: $ 48,000,000 ('08)$ 38,400,000 ('07)$ 31,360,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: West Corporation acquired TeleVox Software, Inc. in March 2007.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 300Market: PrivateFounded: 1992

TeleVox designs, markets and supports patient communication and messaging software for healthcare practices, clinics and hospitals.

Company Executives: Scott Zimmerman; Pam Mortenson

MEDecision, Inc. | Wayne, PA | 610-540-0202 | http://www.MEDecision.com

HIT Revenue: $ 47,400,000 ('08)$ 44,800,000 ('07)$ 44,600,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Health Care Service Corporation acquired MEDecision, Inc. in Aug. 2008 for $7 per share.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 150Market: PrivateFounded: 1988

MEDecision offers collaborative healthcare management solutions that provide a simplified and smart way to manage the health of members and member populations, which can improve the quality and affordability of care.

Company Executives: David St. Clair, Founder and CEO; Scott Storrer, President and Chief Operating Officer

CareMedic Systems, Inc. | St. Petersburg, FL | 800-508-8494 | http://www.caremedic.com

HIT Revenue: $ 45,000,000 ('08)$ 44,000 ('07)$ 49,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 280Market: PrivateFounded: 1996

CareMedic focuses solely on helping hospitals improve financial performance by delivering comprehensive enterprise revenue cycle solutions, including RAC Management, to help increase efficiency and effectiveness and ensure clients get paid.

Company Executives: Sheila Schweitzer, Chairperson and CEO; Allen Plunk, CFO

Source Medical Solutions | Birmingham, AL | 205-972-1222 | http://www.sourcemed.net

HIT Revenue: $ 44,900,000 ('08)$ 44,900,000 ('07)$ 35,200,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 260Market: PrivateFounded: 2001

SourceMedical is the largest provider of information solutions and other critical services for ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals and rehabilitation clinics nationwide, as measured by both experience and size of customer base.

Company Executives: George McTavish; Scott Stone

TeleTracking Technologies | Pittsburgh, PA | 800-927-0294 | http://www.teletracking.com

HIT Revenue: $ 43,678,000 ('08)$ 35,691,000 ('07)$ 27,773,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 173Market: PrivateFounded: 1991

TeleTracking Technologies is a provider of patient flow automation technology that helps hospitals improve patient throughput, decrease overcrowding and maximize bed utilization. It has more than 750 hospital clients and nearly 1,600 installations throughout the United States, Canada and the UK.

Company Executives: Anthony Sanzo, CEO; Kirk Stephen, CFO/COO

The SSI Group, Inc. | Mobile, AL | 251-345-0000 | http://www.thessigroup.com

HIT Revenue: $ 41,400,000 ('08)$ 40,472,000 ('07)$ 38,566,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 385Market: PrivateFounded: 1988

SSI designs software to improve revenue cycle claims management efficiencies while helping to reduce staffing requirements. The company's products aim to streamline workflow, reduce A/R days and enable two-way integration with healthcare information systems.

Company Executives: Bobby Smith, President and CEO; Deborah Short, Chief Operating Officer

Vitalize Consulting Solutions, Inc. | Kennett Square, PA | 610-444-1233 | http://www.getvitalized.com

HIT Revenue: $ 41,000,000 ('08)$ 28,261,926 ('07)$ 17,115,942 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Lucida Healthcare IT in Dec. 2007 for $3M.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 200Market: PrivateFounded: 2002

Vitalize Consulting Solutions, Inc. provides a blend of professional services and packaged solutions, specializing in Epic, Cerner, Siemens, Eclipsys, McKesson and Meditech healthcare solutions.

Company Executives: Bruce Cerullo, CEO; Mary Pat Fralick, Chief Operating Officer

Orion Health | Santa Monica, CA | 310-526-4032 | http://www.orionhealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 40,456,000 ('08)$ 37,300,000 ('07)$ 25,990,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 296Market: PrivateFounded: 1993

Orion Health offers healthcare providers flexible and scalable solutions that improve patient care and clinical decision making. Its solutions can be integrated as standalone products or within an existing information system.

Company Executives: Ian McCrae, CEO; Paul Viskovich, President, Orion Health North America and EMEA

Mediware Information Systems | Lenexa, KS | 913-307-1000 | http://www.mediware.com

HIT Revenue: $ 39,000,000 ('08)$ 41,000,000 ('07)$ 38,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Hann's On Software in Nov. 2008 for $3.5M.

M&A 2007: Acquired Integrated Marketing Solutions in Nov. 2007 for $5.5M.

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 220Market: PublicFounded: 1970

Mediware provides closed loop software for blood, biologics and medication management to hospitals and blood and plasma centers. Core solutions include transfusion and blood donor management, bone and tissue management pharmacy, CPOE and BPOC.

Company Executives: Thomas Mann; John Van Blaricum

Initiate Systems, Inc. | Chicago, IL | 800-992-0300 | http://www.initiate.com

HIT Revenue: $ 38,050,781 ('08)$ 26,944,184 ('07)$ 16,931,490 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Market: PrivateFounded: 1995

Initiate Systems provides HIE software that enables organizations and physicians to gain a more complete view of patient records, as well as access to information that helps them apply analytics to reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and cut costs.

Company Executives: Bill Conroy, CEO; Jeff Galowich, Executive Vice President

ZirMed, Inc. | Louisville, KY | 877-494-7633 | http://www.zirmed.com

HIT Revenue: $ 34,001,020 ('08)$ 23,256,293 ('07)$ 15,517,144 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 225Market: PublicFounded: 1999

ZirMed offers revenue cycle management solutions, financial services, and analytics tools that enable healthcare providers to improve administrative processes, from the time that a patient schedules an appointment to the point of complete payment fulfillment.

Company Executives: Jerry Merritt, President and CEO; Jim Lacy, CFO and Counsel

Hyland Software, Inc. | Westlake, OH | 440-788-5000 | http://www.OnBase.com/Healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 32,858,118 ('08)$ 26,900,000 ('07)$ 15,589,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Liberty Information Management Systems in July 2008.

M&A 2006: Acquired Matrix Imaging in Sept. 2006.

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 800Market: PrivateFounded: 1991

Hyland Software develops OnBase, a suite of document and process management solutions that gives healthcare organizations more time to offer better patient care by eliminating the need to chase paperwork.

Company Executives: A.J. Hyland, President and CEO; Bill Priemer, Chief Operating Officer

Perficient, Inc. | Austin, TX | 866-316-6312 | http://www.perficient.com

HIT Revenue: $ 29,848,593 ('08)$ 25,213,335 ('07)$ 20,133,940 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 1200Market: PublicFounded: 1998

Perficient helps healthcare institutions take advantage of consumer-driven care through the design and implementation of business-driven technology solutions. It provides instantaneous access to patient and clinical information, which can streamline business processes and improve communications.

Company Executives: Jeffery Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer; David Hastoglis, General Manager, Healthcare National Business Unit

Beacon Partners, Inc. | Weymouth, MA | 781-982-8400 | http://www.beaconpartners.com

HIT Revenue: $ 29,000,000 ('08)$ 23,900,000 ('07)$ 16,600,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 140Market: PrivateFounded: 1989

Beacon Partners is a healthcare management consulting firm that provides IT, clinical, strategic and operations consulting services to health systems, academic practice plans, community hospitals, integrated delivery networks, and physician groups and payers.

Company Executives: Ralph Fargnoli, Jr., President and CEO; Charles Anastos, Jr., Senior Vice President

RCM Technologies, Inc. | Parsippany, NJ | 973-658-3000 | http://www.rcmt.com

HIT Revenue: $ 26,975,975 ('08)$ 24,871,754 ('07)$ 19,646,147 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired NuSoft Solutions, Inc. in March 2008.

Major Revenue: Consulting

Market: PublicFounded: 1971

RCM Technologies provides a range of IT consulting services, including application services and computer systems validation, for healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Company Executives: Leon Kopyt, CEO and President; Kevin Miller, CFO, Treasurer and Secretary

American Healthcare Holdings | Tampa, FL | 813-594-1026 | http://www.visionarymed.com

HIT Revenue: $ 26,681,664 ('08)$ 24,393,524 ('07)$ 23,347,193 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired Antek, Inc. in May 2007 for $19.8M.

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 250Market: PrivateFounded: 1997

American Healthcare Holdings delivers software solutions connecting patients, providers, payers, hospitals, and labs. Solutions are created via its integrated line of Visionary Dream EHR, document management, LabDAQ LIS, provider and HME/DME Office Management, and RCM products and services.

Company Executives: Jason Patchen, CEO; Jim Clark, Chief Operating Officer

MEDSEEK | Birmingham, AL | 1-888-MEDSEEK | http://www.medseek.com

HIT Revenue: $ 25,087,857 ('08)$ 23,099,000 ('07)$ 17,803,519 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 153Market: PrivateFounded: 1996

MEDSEEK provides organizations with enterprise eHealth solutions to fully engage and strengthen relationships with key constituents, including physicians, patients, employees, and consumers, and enhance the overall user experience.

Company Executives: Peter Kuhn, CEO; Daren McCormick, President and Chief Operating Officer

Amcom Software | Eden Prairie, MN | 952-230-5200 | http://www.amcomsoftware.com

HIT Revenue: $ 24,000,000 ('08)$ 21,000,000 ('07)$ 18,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Telident in Jan. 2008; Commtech Wireless in Sept. 2008.

M&A 2007: Acquired XTEND Communications Corp. in Nov. 2007.

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 200Market: PrivateFounded: 1984

Sixteen of the top 20 hospitals in the United States rely on Amcom Software to run their mission-critical communications. Solutions include call center communications, emergency management, mobile messaging middleware, and paging.

Company Executives: Chris Heim, CEO; Dan Mayleben, CFO

Iatric Systems, Inc. | Boxford, MA | 978-805-4100 | http://www.iatric.com

HIT Revenue: $ 23,700,000 ('08)$ 19,600,000 ('07)$ 13,800,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 194Market: PrivateFounded: 1990

Iatric Systems is a provider of software applications, interfaces and reporting solutions for healthcare information systems, offering a variety of integrated workflow solutions.

Company Executives: Joel Berman; John Danahey

Data Innovations, Inc. | South Burlington, VT | 802-658-2850 | http://www.datainnovations.com

HIT Revenue: $ 21,000,000 ('08)$ 20,500,000 ('07)$ 13,000,000 ('06)

M&A 2007: Acquired P.G.P. in July 2007.

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 85Market: PrivateFounded: 1989

Through six worldwide offices, Data Innovations has sold over 6,500 middleware systems that increase efficiencies and improve workflow in laboratories in 58 countries. Services include comprehensive (including proactive) support, onsite and offsite training options, and consulting.

Company Executives: Gregory Vail, CEO; David Potter, Vice President

Navicure, Inc. | Duluth, GA | 770-342-0200 | http://www.navicure.com

HIT Revenue: $ 20,437,085 ('08)$ 13,310,208 ('07)$ 9,623,515 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 103Market: PrivateFounded: 2001

Navicure is an Internet-based claims clearinghouse that helps physician practices increase profitability through improved claims reimbursement and staff productivity. Navicure's solution is supported by its 3-Ring Client Service.

Company Executives: James Denny, Jr.; Craig Bridge

The CSC Group | Strongsville, OH | 440-546-4272 | http://www.thecscgroup.com

HIT Revenue: $ 18,478,556 ('08)$ 19,042,900 ('07)$ 18,170,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 130Market: PrivateFounded: 1964

The CSC Group provides A/R management solutions integrating workflow automation across the entire healthcare enterprise. It also provides complete clinical applications in maternal-fetal medicine and OB/GYN and medical records that generate revenue improvements while enhancing patient care.

Company Executives: William Zimmerman; Robert Zimmerman

Perceptive Software | Shawnee, KS | 800-941-7460 | http://www.imagenow.com

HIT Revenue: $ 18,364,532 ('08)$ 10,408,921 ('07)$ 6,743,601 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 65Market: PrivateFounded: 1995

ImageNow enterprise document management, imaging and workflow from Perceptive Software captures incoming documents, imports them into a secure electronic repository and ties them to existing records in health information systems. This integration enables users across the enterprise to quickly access the documents needed to diagnose patients, code events, approve invoices, and more.

Company Executives: Scott Coons, President and CEO; Tim Helton, Executive Vice President, Sales and Alliances

3Com | Marlborough, MA | 508-323-1280 | http://www.3com.com/healthcare

HIT Revenue: $ 18,000,000 ('08)$ 11,000,000 ('07)$ 9,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Infrastructure

Employees: 200Market: PublicFounded: 1970

3Com's converged network products provide medical and technical solutions that enable timely and secure patient care and record retrieval. 3Com's IT technologies include wired and wireless LANS, POE switching, TippingPoint network intrusion protection, and IP Telephony.

Company Executives: Eric Benhamou, chairman; Robert Mao, CEO

Medical Present Value, Inc. (MPV) | Austin, TX | 866-930-1230 | http://www.mpv.com

HIT Revenue: $ 17,498,533 ('08)$ 11,724,791 ('07)$ 9,204,337 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired TeraHealth, Inc. in July 2008.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 125Market: PrivateFounded: 1999

MPV helps physician groups maximize practice revenue and meet the demands of consumers by combining technology and consultative services to fully automate eligibility and insurance verification, reduce patient write-offs, recover underpayments, and monitor payer contract compliance.

Company Executives: Tom Stampiglia, CEO; Craig Halley, CTO

Hayes Management Consulting | Newton Center, MA | 617-559-0404 | http://www.hayesmanagement.com

HIT Revenue: $ 17,000,000 ('08)$ 14,727,000 ('07)$ 11,900,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 95Market: PublicFounded: 1993

Hayes consultants provide IT strategic planning, revenue cycle management, system implementation and optimization, interoperability, and other products and services that can improve clients' operational efficiency and quality.

Company Executives: Paul Hayes; Peter Butler

Nightingale Informatix Corporation | CANADA | 866-852-3663 | http://www.nightingale.md

HIT Revenue: $ 16,700,000 ('08)$ 16,850,000 ('07)$ 11,423,000 ('06)

M&A 2008: Sold its Helper product division in Feb. 2008 for $11M.

M&A 2007: Acquired VantageMed in April 2007 for $13.3M.

M&A 2006: Acquired Integrated Healthware, Inc. in April 2006 for $6M; Healthenet in March 2006 for $7.1M.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 138Market: PublicFounded: 2002

Nightingale Informatix, a healthcare service and software company, provides Web-based clinician and community-based EMRs for healthcare providers and organizations.

Company Executives: Sam Chebib; Michael Ford

Streamline Health | Cincinnati, OH | 513-794-7100 | http://www.streamlinehealth.net

HIT Revenue: $ 16,285,658 ('08)$ 16,684,647 ('07)$ 15,866,973 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 90Market: PublicFounded: 1989

Streamline Health is a leading supplier of document workflow and document management tools, applications and services that help strategic business partners and healthcare organizations improve operational efficiencies through business process optimization.

Company Executives: Board of Directors; Brian Patsy

GeBBs Healthcare Solutions | Englewood Cliffs, NJ | 201-227-0088 | http://www.gebbs.com

HIT Revenue: $ 15,130,870 ('08)$ 12,102,454 ('07)$ 11,026,111 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital financial systems

Employees: 650Market: PrivateFounded: 2000

GeBBs Technology Solutions is a professional services and technology firm providing industry expertise to clients in health and life sciences, government, financial, communications, manufacturing and retail.

Company Executives: Nitin Thakor; David Clarkson

Portico Systems | Blue Bell, PA | 215-358-3800 | http://www.porticosys.com

HIT Revenue: $ 13,288,000 ('08)$ 10,213,000 ('07)$ 7,813,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 128Market: PrivateFounded: 1997

Portico Systems offers software and consulting services to health plans and providers that automate provider network management, provider relations management, provider information management, and clinical quality and collaboration.

Company Executives: Ned Moore; Scott Fraser

The Coker Group | Alpharetta, GA | 678-832-2000 | http://www.cokergroup.com

HIT Revenue: $ 13,000,000 ('08)$ 12,000,000 ('07)$ 10,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 50Market: PrivateFounded: 1986

The Coker Group provides independent consulting, advisory and technical services for physicians, hospitals, IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and life science companies, both nationally and internationally. Services include software procurement, vendor vetting, implementation, project management, medical staff integration and helpdesk services.

Company Executives: Max Reiboldt, CEO/Managing Partner; Jeffery Daigrepont, Senior Vice President

Health Data Specialists LLC | Pomona, KS | 877-308-1018 | http://www.hds-llc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 11,425,000 ('08)$ 9,400,000 ('07)$ 6,800,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 59Market: PrivateFounded: 2003

Health Data Specialists provides consulting services to academic healthcare institutions, integrated delivery networks, pediatric hospitals, and general medical surgery hospitals across the country using Cerner, Epic, and Siemens Solutions.

Company Executives: Bob Hayden; Paul Triche

TSI Healthcare, Inc. | Chapel Hill, NC | 800-354-4205 | http://www.tsihealthcare.com

HIT Revenue: $ 10,641,632 ('08)$ 6,222,504 ('07)$ 3,991,622 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 75Market: PrivateFounded: 1997

TSI Healthcare is a value-added support organization for NextGen Healthcare's EHR and practice management systems as well as various EDI solutions for physician practices. It partners with Physicians eSolutions to provide billing and revenue collection management services.

Company Executives: David Dickson, Jr.; Meade Atkinson III

The Shams Group | Coppell, TX | 972-906-9397 | http://www.shamsgroup.com

HIT Revenue: $ 10,500,000 ('08)11.5 million ('07)$ 8,600,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 200Market: PrivateFounded: 1989

The Shams Group has provided innovative services and solutions to more than 400 hospitals around the world over the past 20 years. It provides browser-based portal applications for medication order management, CPOE, physician EMR, legal EHR, business intelligence and community integration solutions.

Company Executives: Kam Shams; Zia Shams

Pulse Systems, Inc. | Wichita, KS | 316-636-5900 | http://www.pulseinc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 10,100,000 ('08)$ 9,100,000 ('07)$ 8,000,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 105Market: PrivateFounded: 1997

Pulse Patient Relationship Management integrated EHR/practice management software empowers physicians and administrators with clinical and financial tools that automate workflow, enhance patient care, improve practice profitability. The product is 2008 CCHIT Certified for Ambulatory EHR.

Company Executives: Basil Hourani, President and CEO; Jeff Burton, CFO

Anodyne Health | Alpharetta, GA | 770-777-3500 | http://www.anodynehealth.com

HIT Revenue: $ 10,078,965 ('08)$ 4,477,173 ('07)$ 3,676,225 ('06)

M&A 2008: Acquired Piedmont Healthcare Management Group, Inc. in Feb. 2008.

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 140Market: PrivateFounded: 2003

Anodyne provides physician practices with business intelligence software and software-enabled revenue cycle management services such as billing, coding, and practice management.

Company Executives: Michael Funk; Gil Kochman

CHARTCARE/CLINICARE | New York, NY / Calgary | 631-878-3440 | http://www.chartcare.com

HIT Revenue: $ 9,800,000 ('08)$ 9,600,000 ('07)$ 6,500,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 65Market: PrivateFounded: 1984

CHARTCARE/CLINICARE provides EMR/EHR software and services in specialty physician offices and clinics of all sizes across North America.

Company Executives: John Fitzgibbon; Karim Kanji

VIRTELLIGENCE | Minneapolis, MN | 952-548-6601 | http://www.virtelligence.com

HIT Revenue: $ 9,406,582 ('08)$ 9,385,932 ('07)$ 8,127,890 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 78Market: PrivateFounded: 1998

Virtelligence is a privately held healthcare IT consulting firm that offers solution advisory and IT consulting services to healthcare and life science organizations. Services include implementation in Cerner, Epic, Siemens, Eclipsys, McKesson and Meditech solutions.

Company Executives: Akhtar Chaudhri, CEO and President; Anne Case

Benchmark Systems | Lynchburg, VA | 800-779-0902 | http://www.benchmark-systems.com

HIT Revenue: $ 9,299,472 ('08)$ 8,500,000 ('07)$ 7,140,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 100Market: PrivateFounded: 1978

For more than 30 years, Benchmark Systems has developed tailored solutions for practice management, EMR/EHR, document management, and communications. Additional services include an EDI clearinghouse and medical billing and collections.

Company Executives: Rogers Green; Barry Brooks

Pharmacy OneSource | Bellevue, WA | 800-654-8395 | http://www.pharmacyonesource.com

HIT Revenue: $ 9,047,888 ('08)$ 6,649,766 ('07)$ 5,023,900 ('06)

Major Revenue: Ancillary department systems

Employees: 69Market: PrivateFounded: 2001

Pharmacy OneSource offers eight Web-based, Software-as-a-Service solutions designed to meet current and future challenges within health systems, and currently serves over 1,300 hospital clients worldwide.

Company Executives: Tim Gibbons, CEO and President; Keith Streckenbach, Chief Strategy Officer

CodeRyte | Bethesda, MD | 301-951-5300 | http://www.coderyte.com

HIT Revenue: $ 8,400,000 ('08)$ 5,800,000 ('07)$ 2,900,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Administrative systems

Employees: 110Market: PrivateFounded: 1999

CodeRyte provides computer-assisted technology that streamlines the coding process, identifies clinically relevant information from medical records and enables clients to secure their rightful reimbursement and enhance compliance and efficiency.

Company Executives: Andy Kapit, CEO; Rick Toren, Chairman and President

Impact Advisors, LLC | Naperville, IL | 630-363-7051 | http://www.impact-advisors.com

HIT Revenue: $ 7,200,000 ('08)$ 2,200,000 ('07)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 24Market: PrivateFounded: 2007

Impact Advisors delivers strategic advisory and implementation consulting services to the healthcare IT industry. Its advisors provide deep domain knowledge in healthcare IT combined with applied operational capabilities.

Company Executives: Andrew Smith; Peter Smith

Raintree Systems, Inc. | Temecula, CA | 951-252-9400 | http://www.raintreeinc.com

HIT Revenue: $ 7,100,000 ('08)$ 6,400,000 ('07)$ 5,200,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Physician practice systems

Employees: 78Market: PrivateFounded: 1983

Raintree provides patient registration, scheduling, EMRs, billing/collections, clinical outcomes, and management reporting within a single application to physical rehab, surgery, behavioral health, long-term pediatric rehab, billing services, and others.

Company Executives: Richard Welty; Terrence Sims

Cumberland Consulting Group | Brentwood, TN | 615-373-4470 | http://www.cumberlandcg.com

HIT Revenue: $ 6,065,000 ('08)$ 4,237,000 ('07)$ 3,450,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Consulting

Employees: 49Market: PublicFounded: 2004

Cumberland is a technology implementation and project management firm serving healthcare clients across the spectrum of ambulatory, acute, and post-acute care. It helps clients improve quality of care and business performance through the implementation of new applications.

Company Executives: Jim Lewis; Brian Junghans

ZeOmega | Frisco, TX | 214-618-9880 | http://www.zeomega.com

HIT Revenue: $ 5,100,000 ('08)$ 3,400,000 ('07)$ 1,200,000 ('06)

Major Revenue: Hospital clinical systems

Employees: 125Market: PublicFounded: 2001

JIVA is ZeOmega's integrated care management platform for payer and provider organizations. JIVA, which includes EHRs, personalized care plans, decision support tools and rules-engine driven workflow automation, transforms episodic care management into proactive, collaborative healthcare management.

Company Executives: Sam Rangaswamy; Nandini Rangaswamy

Company Executives: Ali Bagheri; Greg Lucciano

Healthcare Informatics 2009 June;26(6):20-56