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Last Year's Rank: 45

CPSI is a leading provider of electronic health record systems, consulting and business services for more than 650 community, rural and critical access hospitals and their 12,000 providers. Founded in 1979, CPSI is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of healthcare IT, while optimizing the quality of care for rural areas and communities everywhere.


“Webster’s Dictionary defines a ‘Vendor’ as one who ‘Sells.’ They further define a ‘Partner’ as one who ‘Shares.’ Six months ago, I categorized Evident as a Vendor. Now, having completed the process of Attesting to Meaningful Use, we at Progressive Acute Care (PAC) now see you and your colleagues as a strategic Partner. We share the same goals, those of optimized patient care through ensured financial accountability.” —Daniel Rissing, Progressive Acute Care, Chief Executive Officer


Find Evident Health on:

www.evident.com          800-711-2774

Find TruBridge on:

www.trubridge.com       877-543-3635


HIT Revenue: $204,000,000

Location: Mobile, AL

Phone: 877-424-1777

Website: www.cpsi.com

Executives: J. Boyd Douglas, President and CEO ; David Dye, CFO and Chairman of the Board

Year Est: 1979

HIT Employees: 1,300

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