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Q: What is the Healthcare Informatics 100?
A: The Healthcare Informatics 100 (HCI 100) is a compilation of healthcare IT companies based on HIT revenues from the most recent fiscal year.

Q: What's the deadline for submission?
A: The deadline is April 22, 2016.

Q: Who is eligible to submit revenues?
A: Any company that can identify HIT-based revenues, as defined below, for the prior fiscal year.

Q: How is HIT revenue defined for the purposes of the HCI 100?
A.:Eligible HIT revenues include those derived from the sale of computer hardware, software and related services to healthcare providers--including hospitals, ambulatory clinics, and physician practices--as well as in the payer, health information management, employer, and vendor-to-vendor markets.

Revenues not appropriate for submission are those derived from

  • • Non-computer-based equipment or
  • • Health and wellness content publishers, including those for patient and professional education,      whether books or electronic media, are not.

Q: What other information do I need to complete the survey?

  • • Percentage of total HIT revenues derived from software, hardware, and/or services.
  • • Different product segments the company serves; this year we are also asking each vendor to estimate the percentage of revenue earned in all of  their product segments
  • • Different sectors the company serves
  • • 2015 HIT M&A activity: This refers to activity that was formally concluded (not just announced) prior to Dec. 31, 2015.
    • › Name of the company/companies acquired or divested
    • › Date of the acquisition or divestiture
    • › Price paid or received for the transaction
  • • Revenues for the prior two fiscal years (2014 and 2013)
  • • Year the company was founded
  • • Name of the top two company executives and their titles
  • • Number of employees dedicated to the stated HIT revenue
  • • The company's website and social media information
  • • Three-to-four notable customers
  • • Type of company: Public or private
    • › If private, is ownership by external investors or is the entirely self-funded?
  • • Name and contact information of the person submitting the form


For other questions, please contact HCI Managing Editor Rajiv Leventhal or 212 812 1418