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CA Wireless Introduces New Cell Phone Repeater Solution for Hospitals

July 29, 2010
by root
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Coral Springs, Fla.-based CA Wireless, an in-building wireless solution provider, today introduced the new CellSafe Hospital Cell Phone Repeater Solution. CellSafe Hospital enables hospital staff, patients, and visitors to safely use their phones while lowering or eliminating the risk to hospital equipment from electromagnetic interference.

Doctors rely on their cell phones now more than ever. MedTech Journal conducted a poll of doctors and found that the number-one phone choice among doctors is the iPhone, followed by BlackBerry. Both of these smartphone devices require constant access to cellular networks to use applications helpful for doctors. As of January 2010, there were more than 1,700 medical applications on iTunes. All together, these applications have been downloaded by more than one million users.

Unlike traditional repeater systems that use coaxial cabling, the CellSafe Hospital solution leverages the existing fiber optic infrastructure of a hospital to amplify the available cellular signal throughout the building. Given the large areas and spread out physical design of hospitals, coaxial cabling is an impractical and expensive solution for repeater systems. CA Wireless can repeat a cellular signal up to a few kilometers with fiber with no signal loss, as opposed to only a couple of hundred meters with coaxial cable. By improving signal strength on cell phones, the resulting effect is a reduction in the need for cell phones to “power up” for the wireless transmission. CA Wireless engineers are experts in the proper design of a dual-band building repeater system that reduces the potential for electromagnetic interference.

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