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Connexall to Improve Healthcare Delivery in VA and Military Hospitals

September 1, 2010
by root
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Boulder, Colo.-based Connexall USA, an enterprise middleware provider, today announced a partnership with Alvarez & Associates, LLC, a contractor on the NASA-SEWP IV contract. The partnership streamlines will improve the two-way communication of information leading to workflow efficiency, increased patient quality-of-care, safety, and healthcare provider effectiveness at VA and military hospitals

Connexall Healthcare integrates disparate communications solutions to optimize delivery of care while working with hospitals’ existing IT systems. Connexall has successful installations in 600 hospitals worldwide, allowing nurses, doctors, OR and ED workers to improve communications, increase event response times, and gain efficiencies that ultimately reduce the operating costs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Connexall assists healthcare enterprises in improving efficiencies in key clinical areas with applications such as ER patient flow and OR workflow, plus nurse call and patient monitoring, as well as hospital-wide building management. Connexall recently completed the first phase of a project at New York City’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. Connexall’s technology allows the facility to improve patient response time and improve communications so events are dealt with immediately, improving quality-of-care and patient satisfaction while reducing the facility’s cost of care.

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