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Guidelines for Submission of Articles to Healthcare Informatics

Our policy at Healthcare Informatics is as follows: we do consider possible submissions of outside articles at the magazine, subject to the following requirements:

  • We never accept submissions from vendor companies.
  • We consider submissions from provider (hospital, health system, medical group) organization executives and leaders.
  • Preferred author titles are CIO, CMIO, VP-Clinical Informatics, CEO, COO, CMO, CNO, and similar.
  • We also consider industry expert-type columns from qualified attorneys and consultants (but again, not from anyone working for a vendor company).
  • We always prefer to see a brief, succinct proposal or outline first.
  • Generally speaking, most of the outside articles we accept run either 1 or 2 pages in the magazine, with occasional exceptions. One page equals about 590 words of text per printed page (exclusive of any photos, illustrations, etc.).
  • Any article we would consider would speak to our core audience (CIOs, plus other healthcare IT executives, clinical informaticists, C-suite executives, and clinician leaders), and provide our audience with substantive information of value to their work or professional development.
  • Nothing promotional of a vendor is acceptable. If a CIO, for example, writes a case study about her/his organization's CPOE implementation, it is acceptable to mention the vendor's name, but not to use the article to promote that vendor or that vendor's products or services.
  • Please direct all inquiries to Rajiv Leventhal, Healthcare Informatics, at
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