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  • Developing Your Next Generation Infrastructure

    Audrius Polikaitis, PhD, Chief Information Officer at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences Systems (UI Health Systems) is responsible for all applications, systems, analytics, and infrastructure that support the patient care, business and financial operations, and has management responsibility for the clinical engineering function at UI Health enterprise.  

  • Before You Start Racing to Digital Transformation Success, First Fix the 'Potholes’

    A recent SAP Health/Oxford Economics survey shows that healthcare providers understand they must embrace digital transformation in the next five years if their organizations are to survive and grow. What they may not realize, however, is rushing to implement new digital technologies without first addressing core infrastructure and workforce skill needs is like buying a Ferrari when the roads outside are filled with potholes.

  • Case Study: Building a Solid Technical Foundation for Your Health IT Strategy

    Sriram Bharadwaj is the Director of Information Systems at University of California Healthcare in Irvine. In his role as the Director of Information Services, Sri serves as the Chief Information Security Officer and oversees all clinical application development. He has more than 25 years of information management systems experience and is an expert in helping organizations build a technical foundation that is in service of their healthcare IT strategy.

  • Practical Tips for Transforming Your Organization Through Cybersecurity Strategy

    Indiana University Health’s Chief Information Security Officer joins Healthcare Informatics to share his expertise in implementing cybersecurity strategy for two large healthcare organizations.

    At IU Health, Mitchell Parker leads a team within Information Services dedicated to protecting the organization's systems and data. IU Health has 15 affiliated hospitals and almost 30,000 employees. Prior to his position at IU Health, Parker served as the Chief Information Security Officer for Tenet Health.

  • The Golden Record: Essentials of Accurate Provider Data

    Provider information is the lifeblood of the U.S. healthcare system, so why does having accurate and up-to-date provider records seem so elusive? Data quality impacts everything from patient care and satisfaction to physician outreach, which drives processes and productivity.  Health systems and provider organizations are looking to do more with less, move to integrated care delivery systems and work to improve patient outcomes.

  • Practical Models for Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Data

    The diverse sources and vast amounts of data that are available to inform healthcare decisions are limitless.This webinar highlights several health leaders speaking about how data and analytics are positively impacting healthcare outcomes in their organizations.

    Participants will learn how leading healthcare institution, Mercy Virtual, has succeeded in delivering valuable, actionable data to clinicians; when they need it, and how they use it to help patients recover more quickly.

  • The Indiana Health Information Exchange: Now SMARTer and on FHIR

    To bring the right information to the right clinician at the right time, the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), Indiana’s major health information exchange (HIE), has embarked on a new journey. Using SMART-on-FHIR technology, the INPC will offer the capability to integrate HIE-based information directly into the workflow of the clinician’s electronic health record.

  • Case Study: Lessons Learned from When Hacktivists Attacked Boston Children's Hospital

    In early 2014, the activist hacker group Anonymous launched an all-out attack on Boston Children's Hospital. The assault was aggressive and attempted to penetrate the hospital’s network through spear phishing emails and direct attacks on exposed ports and services.

    In his forum case study, Senior Vice President and CIO Daniel Nigrin, MD, will recount the attack with all its twists and turns. He will explain how his team combated it, and he will share best practices and lessons learned in real time. These lessons include understanding your organ

  • Adapt or Collapse: Data Sharing Across Boundaries to Enable Population Health

    Data as it exists today is vastly disconnected and underutilized. In this webinar, we’ll explore both real and perceived technical constraints to interoperability, along with primary business drivers for integrating and sharing data to enable population health—and we’ll present a solution to bring it all together.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness: Managing Today's Healthcare Information Explosion

    Security leaders must team up with members of their organization to create a holistic security strategy and framework to defend their networks. Participate in this webinar to learn how collaboration and information-sharing across a healthcare organization can ensure the development and deployment of a security strategy that supports both business and clinical objectives.