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The 2015 Hospital Guide To Bring Your Own Device Policies

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Research finds that BYOD policies can save money.

To maximize those monetary benefits, an effective BYOD policy requires thoughtful planning, investment and execution to maintain the integrity and security of patient information. This guide focuses on the critical points to consider when designing a BYOD policy for a healthcare facility.

When constructing a BYOD policy, the big questions for employers and employees generally include:

  • Expense allocations (Who pays for what?)
  • IT support (If they use it, will you support it?)
  • Access (What is effective and acceptable use?)
  • Security (Is it safe?)

Download this white paper to answer those questions.

In the end, the investments will be worth the effort—staff will be happier and more efficient knowing what mobile device behaviors are expected and accepted, and data will be more secure.

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