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7 Ways Discrete Data Capture is Changing the Game

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Eliminate Paper. Capture Data. Streamline Processes.

In healthcare, paper remains the primary method of transporting information that facilitates processes and decisions. On the most basic level, managing paper healthcare forms and documents decreases efficiency, increases costs, and adversely impacts patient care. Now, there is an even more pressing issue bearing down on healthcare providers: the rising demand for electronic data.

While the electronic health record (EHR) and other initiatives continue to reduce paper and increase the availability of discrete data, there are several areas and activities that have defied automation. These are most often at the nexus where patients and hospital staff interact, such as admission/registration and bedside care.

With years of experience in the healthcare space, Bottomline Technologies offers solutions that:

  • Cost-effectively eliminate paper in areas that have resisted automation
  • Effectively capture accurate, discrete data and deliver it to the proper downstream systems
  • Streamline processing and improve both patient and staff satisfaction

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