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Cloud Computing—Lowering Cost and Complexity Barriers in the Healthcare Industry

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IT has been tasked to deliver fast, reliable, and secure access to critical information while handling the growing volumes of clinical notes, images, diagnostics, scheduling, and billing, all while adhering to HIPAA and HiTech mandates.

How can healthcare organizations acquire the necessary hardware and software to envelope this vast chasm of medical data while remaining compliant and in budget?

To address this challenge, healthcare organizations are turning to cloud computing to lower cost and complexity barriers.  HIT Professionals have seen crucial improvements in the following areas as a result:

  • Preparing and launching programs at a swifter pace. An IDC study shows that organizations that adopted cloud services were able to launch new services and applications 52% faster.
  • Consolidating operations. By using a shared infrastructure, cloud services save time and money while delivering increased IT efficiencies. As business demands change, shared resources can be reallocated.
  • Supporting exponential data growth. Cloud computing easily accommodates rapidly growing terabytes of patient data and saves on the costs of storing hardware locally to store big datasets for EHRs, radiology images, research, and claims data.
  • Increasing positive patient outcomes. Clinicians can securely access pools of shared resources to make immediate informed decisions without compromising confidentiality of patient data.

Download this white paper to uncover how cloud usage models provide cost savings, reduced capital expenditures, and increased transparency across healthcare infrastructures.


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