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The Data Cure: Information Management in the Healthcare Sector

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“Information governance… should incorporate all the tools needed to better manage information. Implementing an IG strategy will help unlock the value of data and improve decision making.” – Information Governance Initiative

Healthcare organizations are experiencing an explosion of data growth. From electronic medical records to digital images to data from connected machines, you gather more data more rapidly than any other industry. Data managed by the average hospital is likely to grow to 665 terabytes by 2015, up from 168 terabytes in 20101. Additionally, storing massive amounts of data places your organization at significant risk. Storage costs become excessive, the ability to meet compliance deadlines is compromised and a lack of oversight can expose your hospital or organization to malicious activity. That will slow you down. Information management helps you get your data under control.

This white paper supports a progressive approach to information management and is prime for those Healthcare IT practitioners and stakeholders responsible for defining or deploying their organization's information governance and eDiscovery policies, backup and recovery or service continuity/reliable recovery strategies. 

Download this white paper to understand how a comprehensive Information Management strategy can:

  • reduce risk
  • increase efficiency
  • save money
  • improve healthcare outcomes






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