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Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

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Integrating Population Health Management into Process, Work Culture, and Technology Systems Start with Data.

“We can give them patient detail reporting for every physician who wants to look. That was the first time that our team got emotional. We are actually really saving lives by what we do with visual analytics.”

— Meghan Brandabur, Program Administrator for Health Intelligence, Providence Health and Services

In today’s new territory, many healthcare organizations struggle to understand just how to improve their care gaps…

·       How do they work with providers to deliver preventative and cost-effective care?

·       How do they collaboratively assess risk and analyze expenditures?

·       How do they stay connected to discharged patients?

·       How do they deploy care managers to prevent future hospitalizations?

·       How do they monitor and treat chronic diseases?

If your organization is looking to embrace a value-based care model and integrate population health management into process, work culture, and technology systems, you must start with data.

Download this white paper today to read more on the five best practices for enabling population health management with data:

1.       Enable Self-Service Analytics

2.       Aggregate and Segment Your Population Data

3.       Coordinate Care Across the Continuum with Visualization

4.       Understand Your Risks

5.       Proactively Manage Patient Relationships


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