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E-book: Latest Developments on Cloud Computing and Security

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Today, healthcare organizations are one of the top targeted industries in terms of cyber security threats. According to HIT expertise, this largely is contributed to having 99% of all health records being hosted electronically and the high value of patients’ records.

As providers switch to an electronic format for an overwhelming portion of medical operations, new strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats arise as part of this transition. Clinical charts, disease tracking, medical imaging and other HIT arenas have all seen dramatic, digital overhauls within the past decade.

In this Healthcare Informatics eBook, sponsored by ClearDATA, explore the information technology development of different realms within healthcare:

  • Role of the EHR system: evolution, standardization and analytical forecasting.
  • Fusion of extensive medical information sources: mobile, social, cloud and big data.
  • Firewalls for sensitive patient information: To what extent are healthcare organizations vulnerable to hacks and breaches?
  • Universal clinical image viewers and cache: hosting in the cloud, sharing electronically, consolidated image storage and EHR integration.

Download this e-book for a diverse look into the latest cloud computing security innovations within the various sects of healthcare IT.

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