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QlikView Advances Quality Improvement and Outcomes Reporting at Texas Children’s Hospital

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Bridging the Gap Between Groups Across an Enterprise…

With a vast network of healthcare professionals working together to deliver optimal care, Texas Children’s needed a comprehensive system that could bridge the gap between all the groups across the enterprise and unify them. Further, the organization implemented an EMR system, increasing the amount of data employees were inundated with.

“Our organization craved more useful information to make better decisions and also needed a central mechanism to house that information and make it available to everyone in the organization.”

--John Henderson, Director of Enterprise Systems at Texas Children’s Hospital

In order to turn its data into meaningful insights, Texas Children’s implemented

QlikView, Qlik’s Business Discovery—a user-driven Business Intelligence platform—across the enterprise. The deployment was seamless, and people from all corners of the organization were discovering things about their work that they didn’t think was possible. Qlik highlighted the need to improve source systems and visualize data in useful and effective ways.

Download this case study today to see how Texas Children’s Hospital deployed QlikView and within 90 days, was up and running.  You’ll also read about the benefits they’ve experienced since deploying QlikView:

  • Improved operational processes including staffing procedures
  • Bridged the gap between teams of clinicians and administrators all looking to accomplish the same goal
  • Improved quality of care practices


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