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White papers

  • Cleaning Up the Code: How Coding and Value-Based Purchases Are Transforming Healthcare

    “From my perspective, the link between VBP and coding is one of the biggest things happening in the HIM landscape right now, and it’s critical that healthcare organizations are aware of this connection and why and how the two can influence each other as they consider how to best support improve quality of care—and get the most value out of evolving payment and incentive systems.” --Patty Sheridan, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, Senior Vice President of Health Information Management (HIM) Business Development at Ciox Health

  • Optimizing the Revenue Cycle: Moving Past the Financials

    “Improve care, lower costs” – in today’s healthcare environment, this mantra governs all.

    But when most healthcare organizations are not successfully recouping the monies owed for care, either directly from patients or from insurance companies, achieving either end of that mantra seems like an impossibility.

    How can healthcare organizations work towards managing spend—and making the right investments to help both lower their costs and improve the quality of patient care? It starts with optimizing revenue cycle management.

  • Delta Dental Case Study - Encryption


    Learn how Delta Dental worked with Thales to realize their digial transformation, encrypting sensitive database information while managing network overhead.

  • Experience the Avec® Advantage: True Interoperability Realized in Healthcare

    Interoperability is hard. Costly, time-consuming attempts at data integration end in disappointment. Re-engineering an organization to a single standard seems absurd. Frustrated by outside options, you create your own workarounds. Is this scenario familiar? It doesn’t need to be. Experience the Avec® advantage, where compromise is no longer the gold standard of interoperability—and capitalizing on current investments is the norm.

  • eBook: The Move Toward Patient Centricity

    Technology companies are invested in creating wearable and mobile devices capable of allowing personal monitoring of health and wellness, putting the power of care back in the hands of the people it concerns most. The shift towards personalized care allows patients to feel connected to their healthcare providers, and gives them an incentive to extend their relationship beyond the doctor’s office.

  • eBrief: The 2017 Hospital’s Guide to Secure Mobile Messaging Success

    Data security is a very broad topic and an ongoing challenge for healthcare leaders.

    Secure mobile messaging success requires careful alignment among mobile strategies, security initiatives, and the communications ecosystem.

    The most successful implementations come from planning teams that include members from each of these areas as well as a thoughtful approach for achieving overarching hospital goals.