More Accurate Insights Into What Drives Readmissions

September 17, 2014     David Raths
Carolinas Healthcare's Patient Centered Point of Care Clinical Decision Support tool segments hospital patients into four readmission risk groups and provides case managers with recommended interventions. More than 200 case managers are using the tools and 123,000...

The Chase Comparison – Moving Beyond the EMR for Quality Improvement

September 16, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Moving from volume to value-based care is a journey. That much is clear. But how can provider organizations use Chase bank as a guide as they move from different care models in an attempt to improve outcomes?

CHIME Panel Sounds Off on Cyber Crime

September 16, 2014     John DeGaspari
How secure are provider organizations from cyber crime? That was the focus of a lively panel discussion on Monday, September 15, in New York, which was part of the Health Information Executive’s Guide to Cyber Security, presented by the College of Healthcare Information...

How Apple Shames the Healthcare IT Market

September 15, 2014     Pete Rivera
We tend to move along our technology advancement in healthcare as if we are really making great strides. But the reality is that so far, the government has had to incentivize the market into adopting technology or embracing change.

Are EHRs Time-Savers? Another Element to an Enduring Debate

September 11, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
EHRs have become such a back-and-forth subject for medical professionals everywhere. A recent study has found that some doctors think they waste time using the technology. Are the study’s findings valid?

Patient Engagement: Making Progress Abroad and at Home Too

September 11, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Consumerized healthcare is becoming trendier by the day. Despite the cynical eye rolls this will garner from the medical community, there is emerging proof that the overall patient engagement concept is progressing around the globe and at home too.

Challenges for Population Health: A Clinical and Technology Approach

September 10, 2014     Dave Levin, M.D. and Pete Rivera
Now with Patient Centered Medical Home, Meaningful Use and Accountable Care we are seeing a shift in how we view this information. Data is now a valuable asset to be used as a patient health tool, not just for payment and operations.

Can Anyone Stop the (Consumer Electronics Hype Cycle) Insanity?

September 9, 2014     Mark Hagland
The intense hype around today’s set of product announcements from Apple reminded me of 90s fitness guru Susan Powter’s catchphrase, “Stop the Insanity!”

In Dallas, Partnering with Social Services on Holistic View of the Patient

September 9, 2014     David Raths
It is time for healthcare providers to take a more holistic view of the lives of their patients and build stronger relationships —and data connections — to community social service agencies. The Dallas Information Exchange Portal is doing just that.

The High Cost of an EHR Implementation

September 4, 2014     Gabriel Perna
A recent quest to buy a new home has made me appreciate the rigors of buying an EHR system. The high price of an implementation has produced some eye-grabbing numbers but are the large investments really all that surprising?

What Does Sharp HealthCare’s Pioneer Departure Mean?

September 3, 2014     Mark Hagland
What does it mean that Sharp HealthCare has just announced its departure from the Medicare Pioneer accountable care organization (ACO) shared savings program?

Mapping Tool Helps NC Providers Allocate Resources

September 2, 2014     David Raths
There is a world of difference between a spreadsheet with a list of patient names and addresses and a map of a county with clusters of diabetic or asthmatic patients. That’s what public health officials and care coordinators in North Carolina are finding out from their early use...

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention in Healthcare, Too

August 29, 2014     David Raths
In the last few years, health systems have shown a strong interest in fostering innovation among their own employees and partnering with startups and apps developers. Among the most active is Carolinas HealthCare System, whose partnership with Edison Nation helps medical...

The Health IT Advocate Not Easy to Forget

August 26, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Media reports are saying that U.S. CTO Todd Park is taking his talents back to Silicon Valley. His departure as the top tech official in the federal government is unfortunate for those of us who have witnessed his influence in driving the healthcare industry forward.

Will (Human) Radiologists Be Turned Into Digital Apps? Don’t Worry, It Won’t Be Like That

August 26, 2014     Mark Hagland
It was fascinating to read a rather existential blog in the past week, by a radiologist who is pondering the radiology value equation in the new healthcare

In The Dog Days of Summer, Health IT Helps Fight a Deadly Epidemic

August 21, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
Unlike other industries, there is no stoppage in healthcare, even during the summer. This summer, one of my favorite health IT moments came when real-time online tracking proved successful in nailing down the deadly Ebola virus.

Of Oceans, Orcas—and HIEs

August 21, 2014     Mark Hagland
A lot of very important developments are taking place in the Pacific Northwest and in Canada, and a number of them were on display Monday and Tuesday of this week during the Health IT Summit in Seattle

Mass. Public Health and HIE: MU and Beyond

August 20, 2014     David Raths
One of the strongest use cases for statewide health information exchanges involves easing reporting to public health agencies. The HIE can provide a single conduit for providers to meet many reporting obligations. In Massachusetts, progress is underway on connecting providers’...

Are EMRs Physician Friendly?

August 18, 2014     Joe Marion
A recent conversation with an early EMR adopter healthcare provider resulted in an interesting dialog about the value of an EMR to the clinician, and the question of whether EMRs are really physician friendly.

When It Comes to the New Healthcare, Middle Tennessee Is Not Middle Earth

August 15, 2014     Mark Hagland
The innovations taking place at Mission Point Health Partners reflect a broadening of pioneering ACO efforts all across the U.S.
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