My Conversation with Chair of AMIA EHR 2020 Task Force

May 29, 2015   |  David Raths
On May 29 the EHR-2020 Task Force of the American Medical Informatics Association issued a report with recommendations on the status and future directions of EHRs. Thomas Payne, M.D., medical director of IT services at University of Washington Medicine and chair of the task...

Connecticut to Try Again with HIE. Should They?

May 29, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
For the most part, we all deserve a second chance in life. No one deserves to be branded a failure because of one poorly-executed effort. But in the case of HIE in Connecticut, is it better for an entity to stick to its strengths and not try again?

Reflecting on the Clash of Incentives Around “Information-Blocking” in the Push Towards the New Healthcare

May 27, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
A recent blog by Julia Adler-Milstein in Health Affairs online serves as reminder of the clash of incentives in U.S. healthcare right now over how, or indeed even whether, to share data and information for the common good

Servers in the Attic

May 27, 2015   |  Pete Rivera
It all started when I had to go up to my attic to get something for my wife. Once I was up there it was like a trip down memory lane. There was stuff up there that I had not seen in years and some things that I didn’t even realize that we had.

Medicaid Costs and the Logic of IT-Facilitated Population Health: Yakima Valley Knows

May 25, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
New GAO statistics speak to the need for innovative approaches to managing the care of Medicaid enrollees—such as those being pioneered by organizations like the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Applauding Organizational Bravery

May 22, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
It takes a lot of guts for an organization to raise their hand, admit they screwed up, and talk about that mistake at length. Here's to one organization that recently did that AND more.

The Emergency Room Conundrum: We Can Do Better

May 14, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
Being sick made me realize the enormity of one of our foremost challenges in reforming the healthcare system: reducing usage of the emergency room. How do we get our head to win over our heart?

An Appreciation for the Evolving Role of Nurses in Health IT

May 12, 2015   |  Rajiv Leventhal
National Nurses Week (May 6-12) is a great yearly reminder about how valuable nurses are to healthcare organizations, and how they are continuing to become fantastic clinical informatics leaders.

Looking at the Lessons of McAllen in a New ACO Context: What's Changed

May 9, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
The Commonwealth Fund blog this past week by Dominique Hall and Mark A. Zezza, Ph.D. speaks to the revolutionary changes—many of them data-fueled—that are changing healthcare delivery and payment these days

Fine-Tuning an EHR ‘Flight Simulator’

May 7, 2015   |  David Raths
Most people likely assume that if a clinician enters a medication order of a wrong dosage or something that would cause fetal harm in a pregnant woman, the electronic health record would issue a warning or not allow the order to be placed. But as patient safety expert David...

An Age Old Question and the SGR Repeal

May 6, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
Turning to an age old metaphorical question and using exclusive survey data to understand if whether or not physicians are truly prepared for, or even understand, the ramifications of the SGR repeal.

What’s “Big”? When It Comes to Judging Pioneer ACO Savings, It Depends on Who’s Measuring

May 5, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
We’re collectively very early on in a very, very long, complex journey to fully accountable care in U.S. healthcare, and the initial Pioneer ACO Program savings need to be understood in that context

When Will Radiologists See the “Light” on the Need to Justify Diagnostic Imaging Utilization?

May 4, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
One radiologist makes what might seem like a radical suggestion: with accelerating risk contracting, radiologists are going to need to document the differential outcomes benefits of specific diagnostic imaging procedures

Time to Retire the term “VNA”?

May 1, 2015   |  Joe Marion
Is it time to create a better acronym for clinical image content management than the VNA?

Chronic Care World: What a New California Report Tells Us About the Future of U.S. Healthcare

May 1, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
A new report from the California Healthcare Foundation adds to the evidence of providers’ need to push hard to implement population health and care management programs

Next Generation Technologies at the HIMSS Conference

April 30, 2015   |  Joe Bormel
There were several surprises for me this year around geomapping and location-based services in general. It changed and advanced my thinking, both about information technology in retail consumer services, as well as healthcare population management analytics specifically.

Engaging is Educating and Other Leftover Lessons from HIMSS

April 30, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
There are birthday cakes, smiley faces, and other colorful icons. Why the next development in frontline chronic care management and patient engagement looks a lot like a BuzzFeed quiz.

Is Synchrony on the Horizon for Physician Quality Reporting Efforts?

April 28, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
The release of a strategic vision for physician quality reporting from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services coincides with a new report on ACO development--and together, the two developments may signal an emerging new era in terms of the potential harmonization of...

E-Prescribing for Controlled Substances: An Informatics Challenge Worth Tackling

April 27, 2015   |  David Raths
When three-hospital Nebraska Methodist Health System set out to enable e-prescribing of controlled substances, its clinical informatics team found itself with a huge project management task to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations and a smooth rollout.

HIMSS Observations: Better Late than Never

April 27, 2015   |  Joe Marion
Other obligations limited my time at HIMSS15 and meant that I needed to focus on specific topics. Living within two-to-three hours of downtown Chicago also made it an attractive proposition to attend this year!
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