Reality Check on Integrating Remote Patient Monitoring Data into Clinical Workflow

July 6, 2015   |  David Raths
Sometimes the enthusiasm about wearables and home monitoring can get ahead of the current capabilities of the health system. It is worthwhile and even refreshing to hear about the frustrations involved in attempts to set up such systems.

Could the Aetna-Humana Merger Announcement Be a Game-Changer?

July 3, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
What might the Aetna-Humana merger mean for current population health efforts among health plans and providers—and for the carefully laid strategic healthcare IT plans being designed to facilitate those efforts?

Stop the Fight! ICD-10 is Comin’

July 2, 2015   |  Rajiv Leventhal
Another month has come and gone, which means that we’re just a little bit closer to Oct. 1, 2015, the deadline to transition to the ICD-10 coding set. Still, there are many people out there who continue to push back.

So Long, Farewell, Until We Meet Again…

July 2, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
A few weeks back, I was staring at the train tracks at the Stamford station while waiting for my ride into New York. I couldn’t help but marvel at what we take for granted.

Is Interoperability Standards Advisory Helpful?

July 2, 2015   |  David Raths
ONC is developing an Interoperability Standards Advisory to provide the industry with a single, public list of the standards and implementation specifications. But questions remain about how the list would work and how much value it would provide.

Under Healthcare Reform, Where Do Practicing Physicians Go From Here?

June 30, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Physicians in all settings in U.S. healthcare—private practice, medical group management, and association leadership—are living through the inevitably messy transition to the new healthcare

Could AHRQ Really Be Eliminated? And Why Would It Be?

June 26, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Some members of Congress have the liquidation of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in their sights. The question is why.

Time to Apply Pressure for Hemodynamic Standards

June 26, 2015   |  Joe Marion
It's time to apply pressure on vendors and standards agencies to create a standard for hemodynamic system interoperability.

HIEs Becoming More Central to Analytics Efforts

June 25, 2015   |  David Raths
With accountable care organizations eager to gather data about their patients from across regions, health information exchanges find themselves becoming more popular and offering up analytics services as well.

The Downfall of Tiffany Ingham, M.D. and Tough Climb of Patient Engagement

June 25, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
As long as doctors like Tiffany Ingham, M.D., exist, patients will have trouble truly being engaged and an integral part of their healthcare process. Make no mistake about it, the dismissive doctor is a culture barrier we still face as patients.

Are We Getting Closer to the Top of the HIE Mountain?

June 23, 2015   |  Rajiv Leventhal
Sometimes in life, it takes a really long time to see tangible results for the efforts that we have put in. This couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to health information exchanges (HIEs). However, as new HIE research indicates, we could be getting closer.

What Margo Channing Would Say About the Current Instability in Health Plan Business Activity—And Why CIOs Should Worry

June 23, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
As we enter a period of unprecedented instability in health insurer business activity, many of the best-laid plans of healthcare IT leaders are at practical risk

What Does the Acquisition of a PACS System in the High Arctic Say about the U.S. Imaging Informatics Market?

June 19, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
The acquisition of a PACS system and a CT scanner by Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit in Canada’s Nunavut Territory speaks to the near-universalization of imaging diagnostics and informatics access

At iHT2, Provider Leaders Acknowledge Innovation Must Come from Within

June 17, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
Leading healthcare organizations at iHT2’s Washington D.C. Health IT Summit shared a recurring theme: If providers want innovative technology in their organization to reduce cost, improve care and increase access, the ideas must come from within.

What Can the Chicago Blackhawks’ Joel Quenneville Teach Healthcare Executives about Leadership?

June 17, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Beyond facile sports anecdotes and well-worn metaphors, it turns out that really great professional sports coaching does actually have a lot in common with really great healthcare leadership and management

Are We Really Turning a Corner When It Comes to Telehealth?

June 16, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Developments are taking place along numerous dimensions with regard to telehealth—offering a positive outlook for that important phenomenon

Connecting Social Services Data and Teams in Southern Oregon

June 15, 2015   |  David Raths
Some families in Southern Oregon are involved with 13 different social service organizations and clinical providers that don't talk to each other or share data. The Community Connected (C2) Network is being set up bring those agencies together.

Pricing Data at Work: Transparency Movement Makes Strides

June 11, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
The barbarians are at no longer at the gates. They are not at the door, either. They are inside the castle and will soon be making their demands to the King and his knights.

Are There Signs It’s Time to Rethink the Current Orthodoxy on Readmissions?

June 8, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Two recently released studies provide considerable food for thought regarding where the problems really lie—and don’t lie—when it comes to averting rehospitalizations

Snitching: CMS’ Latest Strategy to Improve Interoperability

June 4, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has come up with an interesting new strategy for improving interoperability, even if it would have Avon Barksdale from The Wire shaking his head in disgust.
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