What is Behind the Heated Debate Regarding the Success of HIE?

April 17, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
For the upcoming April/May issue of Healthcare Informatics, I have written a feature story on the state of HIE across the country, wondering how successful it has become. When it comes to this issue, why is there such a difference in opinion amongst health IT leaders?

Allowing Heroes to Rise to the Occasion

April 17, 2014     Gabriel Perna
One year after the Boston marathon bombings, it’s important to understand how doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are able to perform miracles and save lives in the face of horrible situations.

How Smart Do You Want Your Physician’s Phone?

April 14, 2014     Pete Rivera
Not too long ago we were all working diligently to deliver handheld solutions to physicians. It was a “mobile device” that would allow access to HIS, patient lists, and lab results. It was either an HP iPaq or some other device that required proprietary wireless connections or...

Three Things Healthcare IT Leaders Need to Know About Medicare’s MD Data Release

April 12, 2014     Mark Hagland
By week’s end, the news had been overshadowed by the news that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was resigning; but the massive Medicare physician payment data release on April 9 was a very important development indeed

How Will the Resignation of Kathleen Sebelius Affect Healthcare Reform and Meaningful Use—If At All?

April 10, 2014     Mark Hagland
Could the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services impact the trajectories of healthcare reform and meaningful use?

'Entering a Minefield': The OpenNotes Mental Health Conundrum

April 8, 2014     Gabriel Perna
The OpenNotes movement, which invites patients to review clinical notes written by clinicians, was an unequivocal success in its three pilot locations. Now one of those organizations is trying to determine whether it’s appropriate to expand this kind of EHR note sharing for...

Providers Identify Workflow Challenges with Stage 2 Transitions of Care

April 8, 2014     David Raths
At Health IT Policy Committee listening sessions on Stage 2 transition-of-care requirements, providers and vendors identified health exchange ecosystem maturity levels and workflow changes as their biggest challenges.

The Great Divide: Financial & Clinical Systems

April 8, 2014     Pete Rivera
Many organizations compartmentalize their systems into clinical and financial Systems. It’s almost as if the CIO grew up familiar with billing /scheduling systems and the clinical systems is just something that evolved under the doctor's purview. The thought here is that...

Building a Pipeline From Classroom to Health System

April 8, 2014     David Raths
With the health IT landscape shifting so rapidly, how can educational programs charged with churning out health IT talent keep their curriculum relevant? Washington state has created a forum to allow representatives of employers and health IT training programs to better align...

“Show Me the Moneeeeeeey….!” Yes, Please--It’s Time to Submit Your Company’s Revenues to the Healthcare Informatics 100!

April 6, 2014     Mark Hagland
One of the now-classic scenes from recent cinema is the “show me the money” scene from the 1992 comedy-drama hit “Jerry Maguire.” And yes—it’s that time of year again—time to submit your company’s revenues to the Healthcare Informatics 100.

“Flight Patterns” for Physicians Leading ACOs: Dr. Mostashari Shares Critical Success Factors

April 5, 2014     Mark Hagland
The American Journal of Managed Care recently published an online commentary from Farzad Mostashari, M.D., and James A. Colbert, M.D., focused on ”Four Key Technologies" for physician-led ACOs—with major implications for healthcare IT leaders

State Health IT Progress: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

April 4, 2014     David Raths
State health IT execs describe their efforts to modernize MMIS using service-oriented architecture to break down silos between agencies. But others talked about the uphill battle in getting agencies to work through cultural issues to share data.

A Disappointing Delay

April 2, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Another delay of ICD-10 is as disillusioning as it gets. For some reason, the delay was included in the latest SGR payment patch, and with that now being law, it’s a reality for this industry. It’s just another case of “politics as usual” winning out.

ACC14: Cardiology Getting on Board

April 1, 2014    
ACC 2014 is now history! Washington, D.C. weather was perfect for a conference – it rained the entire weekend! Prior to the meeting I speculated about what might be new. In a nutshell, it was a fitting venue in Washington, D.C. as cardiology seems to be awakening to the world...

The ICD-10 Chronicles: How Congress Solved One Problem (For Now) and Created a Whole New One

March 31, 2014     Mark Hagland
For those of us who have been wondering when the U.S. Congress would take action on the so-called “doc fix” issue, Monday evening’s congressional action was not the way to do it.

Anticipating the ACC

March 26, 2014     Joe Marion
This weekend, March 29-31 is the 63rd annual American College of Cardiology meeting to be held in Washington, DC. Similar to other meetings, this represents a great opportunity to hear and see what’s new in the world of cardiology.

Standards Committee’s Take on MU Stage 3? Too Prescriptive!

March 26, 2014     David Raths
The March 26 Health IT Standards Committee meeting reviewed the Policy Committee’s Stage 3 recommendations. Led by Standards Task Force chair John Halamka, M.D., the committee covered a range of topics, including patient engagement and care coordination. The committee sought to...

When Technology Is the Follower—and Leadership Is… Well, the Leader

March 26, 2014     Mark Hagland
A panel discussion held March 26 during the iHT2 Health IT Summit in San Francisco helped to underscore how vision, leadership, and strategy need to come first in informing IT strategy and implementation

The Impending Battle over Digital Health

March 25, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Google and Apple. Apple and Google. These two tech giants could take the digital health market to new heights and create a consolidated platform that would allow for sharing between consumer and clinical data.

Cautionary Tale: How to Read (and Not Read) a Study Dotted with Asterisks

March 25, 2014     Mark Hagland
The results of a study about patient-centered medical homes, published last month in JAMA, predictably create buzz—and lead to lots of leaping to conclusions
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