What Are Keys to Successful Portal Engagement?

December 16, 2014     David Raths
Are people eager to use patient portals but stymied by providers who aren’t doing a good job of making them available and explaining their value? Or are providers struggling to get even 5 percent of their patients to view, download and transmit health information in order to...

In Toronto, a Transnational Discussion on Data Analytics in Healthcare

December 15, 2014     Mark Hagland
At the Third National Summit on Data Analytics for Healthcare, held Dec. 2-3 in Toronto, Canadian and American healthcare leaders shared broadly around a range of data analytics-related topics

Second-Generation CMIOs (Part II): An Interview with Loyola University Health System CMIO Chris Wood

December 12, 2014     David Raths
Chris Wood, M.D., said he took the CMIO position at Loyola University Health System precisely because it looked like a second-generation CMIO position. Loyola was Epic customer No. 6. and has had inpatient and outpatient systems in place for many years.

The Slow Roll Out of Physician Compare

December 12, 2014     Gabriel Perna
As humans, our nature is to want to rate things. How many times have you said something was underrated, overrated, or properly rated? Through Physician Compare, CMS is slowly trying to bring this atmosphere to healthcare, much to the chagrin of docs.

Building a Data Governance Team with a Eye on Information Security

December 12, 2014     John DeGaspari
At a time when vast amounts of data are improving the quality of care in remarkable ways, the provider organizations that are charged with obtaining, storing and exchanging that data are facing a very high bar when it comes to keeping that data secure. For that to happen, an...

Looking Back to Look Ahead – 2015 & Healthcare Security

December 11, 2014     Mac McMillan
Without a doubt, 2014 was one of the most interesting years to date in healthcare from a cyber security perspective. What does last year's happenings tell us about the future? Quite a few things.

The One Thing We Do Know About HIEs

December 10, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
In an era when results are demanded quickly, many have deemed HIEs a failure. But as a recent RAND study confirms, it’s too early to make any definitive claims.

Mac McMillan’s Clarifying Moment on Data Security

December 9, 2014     Mark Hagland
As always, Mac McMillan laid it on the line on the rising threats to data security, in his keynote address at the CHIME-iHT2 forum on data security currently being held in Houston

Done with Politics Yet? Not So Fast!

December 9, 2014     Pete Rivera
Selecting a vendor can be tricky. Your new CIO may have their personal preferred vendor list, the CFO is sweating the added expense, and the department director needs all the work to be done externally because internal resources are fully committed to existing projects....

Farewell to RSNA 2014: Have We Reached an Inflection Point?

December 8, 2014     Mark Hagland
Attendees at RSNA conferences of two decades ago could scarcely imagine what the hottest conversations would be like at RSNA 2014, as the radiology and imaging informatics world swirls with change

The Carrot and Stick: Enemies of Progress

December 5, 2014     Gabriel Perna
In the wake of HITECH, a recent data brief reveals that most doctors have adopted an EHR to earn incentive money or avoid penalties. Is this one reason why interoperability is still a dream and most systems are unusable?

CMS’s Latest Move on ACOs: A Shift Towards Greater Realism Going Forward?

December 1, 2014     Mark Hagland
Just hours after the news broke that CMS was issuing a new rule on ACO development, at least a few things are already clear

The Rise of the Second-Generation CMIO

December 1, 2014     David Raths
Strategic leaders leverage the healthcare system’s investment in EHRs, with a focus on population health, improving patient safety and care and lowering costs.

RSNA Presumptions

November 26, 2014     Joe Marion
Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and that means only one thing … the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA – is not far behind! This weekend marks the start and the 100th anniversary of the RSNA. While I’ve only been a party to the past 37, I can attest to...

4 Things Health IT Leaders “Would Be” Thankful For

November 26, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
In the world of health IT, there might not be too much that CIOs are thankful for right now. But here is a list of four things that healthcare IT leaders “would be” thankful for if they had them.

Are Docs Getting a Bum Rap?

November 26, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Are physicians getting bashed too much for their resistance to health IT-enabled change? A recent digital health conference revealed that many seem to think physicians haven’t been well served by IT, not the other way around.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Heading Towards That $5 Trillion Annual Price Tag on U.S. Healthcare Spending

November 24, 2014     Mark Hagland
With U.S. healthcare spending now anticipated to rise from just over $3 trillion this year to nearly $5.2 trillion by 2023, such increases will have an impact on many areas of activity, including among many others, imaging informatics

Can the “Doctorless” Patient Model Be Effective?

November 20, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
Earlier this week at the NYeC 2014 Digital Health Conference, Eric Topol, M.D., gave a speech about using digital health tools in a push towards a “doctorless” patient model. After listening to the keynote, I wondered about the practicality of this approach.

AMIA Debate Highlights Tensions with EHR Vendors

November 18, 2014     David Raths
An American College of Medical Informatics debate held Nov. 18 at the AMIA Symposium in Washington, D.C., brought out some of the challenges academic informatics teams and commercial EHR vendors face in working together.

AMIA Panels Offer Mixed Messages on Stage 3 MU

November 17, 2014     David Raths
At the AMIA 2014 Annual Symposium, talk about Stage 3 of meaningful use reveals tensions among members about what the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT should do.
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