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A Story About Big Data and Wearables That’s Making Parkinson’s Patients (and me) Thankful

November 25, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
At the HIMSS Connected Health Conference earlier this month, I was fascinated by a session on the intersection of wearables and big data, and what’s being done to help Parkinson’s patients.

Teledentistry Making a Difference in Rural New York

November 24, 2015     David Raths
Finger Lakes Community Health has created a “patient-centered dental home” with an integrated team approach of using health IT, community health workers, primary care and specialty care providers to improve outcomes.

What New Orleans Healthcare Leaders Understood—and What HCI’s Innovator Awards Winners Are All Doing

November 24, 2015     Mark Hagland
The Louisiana Public Health Institute’s leaders went full-bore to create strong connections around care management for providers and patients—and won second place in our Innovator Awards Program as a result

An Interview with Michael Blum, M.D., Director of UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation

November 22, 2015     David Raths
Michael Blum, M.D., UCSF’s associate vice chancellor for informatics and director of its Center for Digital Health Innovation describes some of his goals in working with tech giant Cisco on interoperability issues.

The Soft Underbelly of ACO Development: PCP Office Processes?

November 21, 2015     Mark Hagland
A recent online American Managed Care Journal article, based on a conference presentation, points out some of the operational challenges ACO leaders face, around primary care physician participation

How Far Will MDs Need To Go on Population Health? Nutritional Advisement as a Barometer

November 19, 2015     Mark Hagland
The recently published recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics around counseling parents about nutrition reflect a far broader reality, as U.S. healthcare shifts inevitably towards bigger-picture approaches to population health

Consequences of Performance Improvement Plans

November 19, 2015     Tim Tolan
It’s crucial to understand your options when it comes to performance improvement plans.

Some Inconvenient Truths for CMS

November 17, 2015     David Raths
AMIA expresses concern that a focus on conformance to certification criteria has inadvertently led to a “develop-to-the-test” approach, and has affected the functionality and usability of EHRs.

What Does CMS’ Delay in its Imaging Order Mandate Really Mean?

November 13, 2015     Mark Hagland
Could the announcement on Nov. 11 by CMS officials of a delay in the implementation of a mandate around diagnostic imaging test ordering by referring physicians erode provider confidence?

Innovation: Rushing Forward Into the New Healthcare, Pioneers Are Undaunted

November 10, 2015     Mark Hagland
What did the leaders at Harper-Hutzel Hospitals/Detroit Medical Center have that was worth celebrating? A special spirit of innovation—the spirit that infuses the Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards Program every year.

Novel Patient Engagement Approach

November 9, 2015     Joe Marion
Wellpepper is exemplary in applying technology to address patient engagement for ARRA/MU

With Two More Dramatic Departures, Is It Time for CMS Officials to Rethink the Pioneer ACO Program?

November 7, 2015     Mark Hagland
The announcement of the departures of the Steward Health Care System and the Mount Auburn Cambridge IPA (MACIPA) from the Pioneer ACO Program speaks to the need for senior CMS officials to rethink—and tweak—the program, before it’s too late

The Results Are In: Recent OpenNotes Research Has Made Me a Believer

November 5, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Three years ago, I was very skeptical about the OpenNotes movement. But the research that has come out since has gotten me fully on board.

Are Healthcare CIOs Aligned With their Fellow C-Suite Execs? Don’t Be So Sure

November 3, 2015     Mark Hagland
The presentation of the results of an important survey at the CHIME Fall Forum last month underscored the vast strategic challenges facing CIOs right now, as they work to align their vision with that of their fellow c-suite executives

Healthcare Data Security: All Trick and no Treat

October 30, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
It’s the day before Halloween, which means I will probably tune into one of my all-time favorite horror movies this weekend. But no matter which scary flick I choose, perhaps nothing will be scarier than something I saw recently on healthcare data security.

What Does EMR Optimization Actually Mean? So Much More Than Just Working Out the Kinks

October 29, 2015     Mark Hagland
It was a pleasure to hear from The Advisory Board's Doug Thompson on the meaning and execution of EMR optimization, as he clarified for an HCI webinar audience this week what the term really means—and doesn’t mean

Mobile Situational Awareness Tools = Fewer EHR Log-Ins

October 28, 2015     David Raths
Clinicians who can access real-time patient data from several sources in smartphone apps are less frequently logging into the EHR system itself. Could these tools replace discharge summaries as well?

Are You a Yakima Valley Kind of Pioneer? Time to Let Us Know

October 28, 2015     Mark Hagland
The Healthcare informatics Innovator Awards Program is once again open to submissions from innovative teams in healthcare. Will your team be one of the 2016 winners?

Let’s Get Real About the Reality of the Ongoing Federal Squeeze on Provider Payments

October 27, 2015     Mark Hagland
Healthcare provider leaders need to face the reality that budget sequestration, with its attendant actual and effective pay cuts, will almost certainly become the new normal

The Golden Age of Biomedical Informatics? Or the Best of Times, the Worst of Times?

October 24, 2015     David Raths
A keynote presentation at the Oct. 23 Mid-Atlantic Healthcare Informatics Symposium highlighted some of the reasons it is exciting to be an informatics specialist these days. Jason Moore, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pennsylvania, said we are...