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White papers

  • Multi-Tenant Data Centers Cure Healthcare’s IT Headaches

    Healthcare organizations have a diverse and demanding set of IT requirements, and ensuring that systems can interoperate efficiently and effectively is a daunting challenge. Both technical and financial drivers have caused growing numbers of providers to move some or all of their IT operations from on-premises data centers to off-site colocation facilities.

  • Healthcare Informatics Research Report: Two Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management

    "Even if an organization uses strong passwords or requires them to be changed frequently, they’re a very thin line of defense."

    According to one recent study, three-quarters of security breaches involve lost or stolen passwords, and it’s not uncommon for healthcare employees to share passwords with others.

    Simply put, password protection is outdated and poses unacceptable security risks.

  • Three Steps to a Successful Migration

    This white paper examines considerations and challenges encountered when migrating data—offering solutions to ensure your migration works within your budget and is completed within your timeframe.

    The planning and implementation of a new EHR requires a thoughtful data migration strategy that details how data will be migrated from legacy systems to the new EHR and how clinical staff will best adapt to the new system upon completion.

    A typical migration involves three steps—each posing unique challenges that are discussed in this white paper:

  • Eliminate the Chaos: Five Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration

    Migrating to a new EHR may be the largest undertaking in the history of your health system or the biggest disaster if done improperly.

    This white paper explores five myths to avoid when migrating your critical data and examines how to ensure migrations are completed successfully while keeping your patients, staff, budget and timeframe in mind. You will learn how to:

  • Healthcare Informatics Research Report: A Roadmap for Population Health Management

    A valuable guide to the decisions you will have to make as your organization navigates the tricky transition to value-based care.

    As payers increase the pressure on providers to take financial risk, healthcare organizations will have to sort through the wide variety of population health management (PHM) strategies and pursue the approaches that can truly benefit their patient base and organization.

  • Case Study: How Feros Healthcare Uses BI to Easily Monitor Their Performance

    Turn Time-Consuming Reporting into Easy, Insightful, and Shareable Analytics

    Feros Care is not-for-profit organization that’s been offering quality care and support services for older Australians since 1990, improving the quality of life and health of seniors with innovative programs and products. Because Feros Care offers a wide range of healthcare and service packages, they rely on gaining insights from many disparate datasets in order to optimize their programs.