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White papers

  • 8 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Are Switching from Citrix

    Our organization saves $1.6 million annually by using virtual clinical desktops to access EpicCare through VMware Horizon.”


    This white paper dives into the 8 reasons why so many healthcare IT leaders are moving to VMware solutions:

  • The Business Value of VMware Horizon

    IDC interviewed eight organizations that have virtualized desktops and applications on the VMware Horizon platform to understand the impact on their costs, operations, and businesses.

    IDC’s research shows that these organizations are achieving substantial value with VMware Horizon, and IDC projects that the solution will yield an average five-year return on investment of 413% by:


  • MITIGATE THE RANSOMWARE THREAT: Six Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Better Safeguard their Systems

    The Ransomware Nightmare…

    Hackers across the world are taking control of enterprise networks, locking away files, and demanding sizeable payments from organizations to return data residing on their own systems. Although no industry is immune, healthcare has increasingly become a target.

    Providers are paying because attackers have made their demands public, potentially damaging healthcare brands and proliferating the perception that lives are at risk – whether they are or not. It’s cybercrime; it’s illegal; and the threat is growing. What can healthcare IT do to fight back?

  • Welcome to the Innovation Suite

    How healthcare execs are creatively leveraging technology to improve their operations and better the lives of their customers:

    Chad Michael Van Alstin, Features Editor, articulates how HMT profile C-Suite Innovators are leveraging HIT to turn inspiration into reality, and are expanding upon the limitations outlined in the instruction manuals of the tools they wield.



    Emerging technologies transform the patient, provider, and healthcare IT experiences

    As breaches, ransomware, and other threats to healthcare systems continue to cause headaches for IT professionals, software-defined solutions can improve patient care while protecting sensitive data from external or internal attacks. Outlined here are introductions to the digital clinical workspace, methods to crafting an IT strategy for a completely new hospital, as well as, using network virtualization to ease healthcare M&A IT pains.