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Selecting the right mobile device for your healthcare environment

The success of your healthcare mobility solution is tightly tied to the mobile device you select. In order to select the right device, you need to make sure you have the right criteria. You need to meet a wide variety of needs for different types of personnel and different departments — from healthcare workers and IT departments to infection and compliance control and finance.  See the criteria that can help you choose the right device, as well as an evaluation of how enterprise, consumer and “BYOD” devices meet each criteria.

Uncontrolled Materials Spend Costs Hospitals Millions. In the Aggregate, Billions.

Simply put, patients and providers alike are seriously concerned about the rising costs that surround healthcare. With the right analysis methods and tools, targeting the supply chain can yield millions of dollars in savings. Spend analysis requires visibility into your data categorically and the right spend visibility tools can reveal previously unseen waste and costs.

There are solutions designed to help hospitals save quickly, technology that reveals the unseen spend and waste. Download the white paper to know more about a spend visibility solution.

How Interoperability Optimizes Documentation Management

Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, partnering with CareFusion and Cerner, has become the first pediatric hospital to achieve interoperability between smart intravenous infusion pumps and an electronic health record system.

Download this free white paper to learn the results from a six-week PICU pilot study showing how Children’s Minnesota reduced their error rate under the integrated system, eliminating much of the inaccuracy associated with manually entered high-risk HIV infusions.

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Healthcare - Getting Prepared, Preparing to Succeed

Today’s healthcare labor force is being asked to work in collaborative, integrated teams to achieve the goal of delivering patient-centered, safe and effective care that meets the growing and complex needs of an aging population.  The Affordable Care Act, which ushered in unprecedented change for healthcare, also put impetus behind a concept that has been gaining momentum over decades; interprofessional, collaborative education and practice.

The Power of Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Management

Most discussions of "data liquidity" in health IT focus on the ability to share data across the healthcare delivery system for better care coordination. At the individual provider organization level — and especially in the face of the transition to ICD-10 — there's also much to gain by realizing data liquidity among mission-critical systems.

EHR Replacement Guide

Tired of your current Electronic Health Record (EHR) system? Is your current EHR clunky and difficult to use? Are you spending more time behind the computer rather than focusing on patients?

CureMD offers a detailed insight into how to switch to a completely integrated and state-of-the-art solution.


Avoiding Fines: Your Guide to Self-Service & Kiosk Regulations in Healthcare

As self-service tablet enclosures and kiosks become an increasing fixture in the marketplace, the rules governing the use of these tools continue to evolve, and failing to comply with those rules can lead to harsh penalties.

This White paper summarizes the most important rules and regulations governing self-service tablet enclosures and kiosks, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Payment Card Industry standards, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Links for more detailed information to ensure your company remains compliant are also provided.

Moving Healthcare Applications to the Cloud: 3 Steps to Calculating ROI

As heightened competition and reforms permeate the healthcare industry landscape, the technological needs of practices, health centers and hospital systems are also becoming more complex. So it's no surprise that providers are increasingly outsourcing their application management needs to independent vendors who can offer accelerated access to healthcare expertise and technology in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.

The Role of Healthcare Informatics in Accountable Care


The 3 Core Competencies for Accountable Care

What essential technology will you need to support the transition to more accountable care? Read this InterSystems white paper, “The Role of Healthcare Informatics in Accountable Care,” to find out.

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