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ONC: Patient Engagement Capabilities Increasing In U.S. Hospitals

October 6, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Last year, six out of 10 hospitals provide patients with the ability to electronically view, download, and transmit their health information, according to a data brief from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

Live from iHT2-Chicago: Senior BlueCross BlueShield Executive Offers a Collaborative Vision of Healthcare’s Future

October 6, 2015     Mark Hagland
Health plan-provider collaboration, facilitated by automation and technology, offers a path forward towards the re-visioning of U.S. healthcare, Dr. Stephen Ondra told iHT2-Chicago attendees

Insufficient IT and Analytics Capabilities Are Seen as Barriers to ACO Success: AMGA Survey

October 6, 2015     Mark Hagland
In a survey published last month by AMGA, medical group executives shared that they are finding their IT and analytics capabilities insufficient to support risk-based contracting

Telehealth Policy Picture Improving — But Slowly

October 5, 2015     David Raths
For almost 20 years, telehealth advocates have faced the Sisyphean task of trying to get the U.S. Congress to expand Medicare coverage for telehealth, while continuing to hammer away at the confusing landscape of state laws and regulations.

Washington Debrief: Pressure Mounts on Administration Surrounding MU

October 5, 2015     Leslie Kriegstein, Interim Vice President of Public Policy, CHIME
CMS, despite not yet finalizing the so-called modifications rule that proposes several changes to the current stages of the meaningful use program, has closed its portal to attest to meaningful use for 2015 until January.

David Blumenthal, M.D. Shares His Perspectives on MU, HIE, and the Future of Data-Driven Healthcare

October 5, 2015     Mark Hagland
The complex meaningful use process will soon give way to inevitable progress towards a more data-connected, data-facilitated healthcare future, former National Coordinator David Blumenthal, M.D. told his iHT2 audience in New York last week

In the Trenches on Population Health: Medical Group Leaders Move Forward to Move Data (and Process) Mountains

October 2, 2015     Mark Hagland
Pioneering medical group leaders are moving forward to pursue a wide variety of population health strategies, and are pushing ahead on all the hard, complex work of population health advancement

Survey: Many PCPs Unaware of Certain Medicare Reimbursements

October 2, 2015     Survey: Many PCPs Unaware of Certain Medicare Reimbursements
Many primary care physicians are not aware that they can be reimbursed for non-face-to-face time with Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions, according to a recent survey from Dallas-based SmartCCM, which specializes in providing third-party...

GAO Report: MU Requirements Impede EHR Interoperability

October 1, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
A new report from the Government Accountability Office has outlined five key factors—in addition to meaningful use program requirements—that are slowing down the progress of electronic health record (EHR) interoperability.

Editor’s Notes: What Do the Memoirs of an Eighteenth-Century French Noblewoman Have To Do with Readmissions Reduction?

October 1, 2015     Mark Hagland
I’ve been reading, and thoroughly enjoying, "Dancing to the Precipice: The Life of Lucie de la Tour du Pin, Eyewitness to an Era." Here's how it relates to the readmissions reduction program under Medicare.

At iHT2 New York, Making Data Analytics Real in Patient Care Organizations

September 30, 2015     Mark Hagland
Participants in a panel held during the Health IT Summit in New York on Wednesday delved into the complexities of leveraging data analytics to support improvements in patient care and wellness efforts

Five Things You Should Read as ICD-10 Approaches

September 30, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Here are five things to keep in mind and read over as the clock continues to tick towards ICD-10.


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