New Legislation Introduced into Congress to Enhance Primary Care Physician Supply

October 2, 2014     Mark Hagland
On Sep. 16, Rep. John P. Sarbanes (D-Maryland) introduced a bill into the U.S. Congress that will help encourage recently retired primary care physicians to rejoin the medical workplace, in order to provide increased access to healthcare services for newly...

JASON Task Force: Narrow Scope of MU Stage 3 to Interoperability

October 1, 2014     David Raths
A task force is preparing recommendations for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT suggesting that in order to place a greater emphasis on interoperability, the scope of meaningful use Stage 3 should be significantly narrowed.

EDITOR'S NOTES: Of Easter Island, Australian Forests, and ACOs

September 30, 2014     Mark Hagland
What happens when societies fail to heed warning signs? Jared Diamond's brilliant "Collapse" provides food for thought

Evolution and Revolution: What Medical Group Leaders Are Learning through their Federal ACO Participation

September 29, 2014     Mark Hagland
Will the current period have been a turning point for medical groups participating in the two federal ACO programs? Medical group leaders share their perspectives

Seeing the Potential in Physician-Led ACOs, Dr. Mostashari Makes a Shift

September 26, 2014     Mark Hagland
Farzad Mostashari, M.D., the former National Coordinator for Health IT, after a brief stopoff at the Brookings Institution, launches a new company to facilitate physician-governed ACOs—and shares his perspectives on physician development of accountable care...

BREAKING NEWS: Medicare’s Pioneer ACO Program Loses Three More Participants

September 25, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal and Mark Hagland
Three more accountable care organizations (ACOs) have dropped out of Medicare's Pioneer ACO program, dropping the total to 19, down from the program’s original 32, according to industry news reports and verified sources.

Survey: Interoperability, Cost Continue to Hold Back ACOs

September 25, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
A recent survey of 62 ACO participants revealed that 100 percent of respondents have trouble gaining access to data outside of their organizations. On a press call, health IT executives dug deeper into the survey’s findings.

Survey Shows Lack of ICD-10 Progress from Providers

September 25, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
While vendors and health plans continue to make progress in their readiness for the switch to the ICD-10 coding system, providers continue to advance slowly, according to a new survey from the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI).

Old Imaging Equipment: Source of PHI Compromises?

September 23, 2014     Joe Marion
A recent conversation with a colleague raised a very relevant point that I had previously not thought much about. What policies are in place relative to protecting PHI for used equipment? I have been in conversation with a few sources to identify if there are...

A Glass Half-Empty Or a Glass Half-Full? Parsing the ACO Evidence in Real-Time

September 21, 2014     Mark Hagland
Is there a proper place on the spectrum between cynicism and optimism at which to rest, when it comes to assessing last week’s publication by CMS of ACO program results?

Achieving Statewide Connectivity and Interoperability Down Under: New South Wales’s Experience So Far

September 20, 2014     Mark Hagland
New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia, is in the middle of groundbreaking work that is making EHR data and diagnostic images available at an unprecedented level of access and seamlessness, on behalf of that state’s people

What Do CMS’s ACO Programs’ Results Really Mean? One Industry Observer’s View

September 20, 2014     Mark Hagland
On Sept. 17, CMS announced results coming out of the Pioneer ACO Program and Medicare Shared Savings Program. The Advisory Board Company’s Tom Cassels has nuanced views on what those results really mean.
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