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BREAKING: Trump Delivers Robust Attack on the ACA, Calling for “Repeal and Replace”

March 1, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
President Donald Trump, in his first address to a joint session of Congress, on Tuesday evening called for the full repeal and replacement of the ACA—even as congressional Republicans struggled to come together to build a single plan

BREAKING: Republicans’ Plans to Repeal the ACA Appear to Not Touch Internal System Reform Provisions

February 28, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
There is considerable confusion right now around congressional Republicans’ stated intentions to repeal and replace the ACA, while all known provisions of a draft bill focus solely on the Act’s health insurance provisions

John Boehner to HIMSS17 Audience: the ACA Will Not Be Repealed, Only "Fixed"

February 23, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
On the closing day of HIMSS17, former House Speaker John Boehner and former Governor Ed Rendell shared their views of the ACA's future--and Boehner stated bluntly that he believes the ACA will not be repealed, only "fixed"

LIVE from HIMSS17: How Louisiana Healthcare Leaders Collaborated to Reduce ED Over-Utilization

February 19, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
A major collaboration between and among the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Louisiana, and physicians and hospitals in that state, has yielded significant results in reducing unnecessary ED utilization statewide

Cybersecurity as a ‘Team Sport’: Governance, Organization, Strategy and Tactics

February 17, 2017  |  Rob Faix, Impact Advisors
Thirteen chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) of leading health systems gathered in Chicago to share best practices and lessons learned regarding information-security programs

Medicare Actuaries: U.S. Healthcare Spending Will Rise to $5.548 Trillion and 19.9 Percent of GDP in 2025

February 15, 2017  |  Heather Landi
Under current law, national health expenditures are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 5.6 percent over the next decade and increase to 19.9 percent of gross domestic product by 2025, according to a study authored by Medicare actuaries.

For Health IT Leaders, a Highly Unsettled Business and Policy Landscape Demands Maximal Agility

January 24, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
Monday’s federal court ruling blocking the Aetna-Humana merger served as a warning to IT leaders in patient care organizations that the U.S. healthcare system is headed into an unprecedentedly unsettled period for the foreseeable future, one requiring maximal...

BREAKING: Aetna-Humana $37 Billion Merger Blocked by Federal Judge

January 23, 2017  |  Rajiv Leventhal
The $37 billion merger that would have resulted in Aetna acquiring Humana has officially been blocked by a federal judge, according to reports.

The Leaders of Two California HIEs Combine to Accelerate Growth and Scope

January 11, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
On Tuesday, the leaders of the San Francisco-based Cal INDEX HIE and the San Bernardino-based Inland Empire HIE announced that they were combining forces to accelerate health information progress in the Golden State

Report: What Providers Are Learning About Connecting with their Communities

January 6, 2017  |  Mark Hagland
When it comes to making connections with communities in order to improve the health status of their members, provider leaders are learning which strategies are essential to success, The Advisory Board Company reports

Yes, They’re Making It Happen: How Healthcare Leaders Found Their Way Forward in 2016

December 20, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
As the pace of change across healthcare accelerates seemingly by the day, the pioneers of U.S.—and international—healthcare, are showing that transformational change is not only possible—it’s happening now

An International Perspective on Healthcare Consumers’ Expectations

December 19, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
What do consumer expectations look like across international boundaries? Accenture’s Kaveh Safavi, M.D. shared his perspectives during the World of Health IT Conference last month in Barcelona


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