Ambulatory Care

Ed McCallister’s Vision for UPMC: “The Patient Has To Be At the Center”

April 21, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Ed McCallister, who in October became CIO of the vast UPMC Health System, shares his thoughts on putting patients at the center of all innovation in healthcare—and what that means for today’s CIOs

At HIMSS15, the Signs Were Everywhere—and They Were All Pointed Towards the Future

April 18, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
All the signs and signals at HIMSS15 were clear—and promise an exciting, challenging rocket ride for healthcare IT leaders in the next year, before HIMSS16

BREAKING: President Obama Signs SGR Repeal Legislation, Shifting Medicare Physician Payment Incentives

April 17, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
On Apr. 16, President Obama signed into law a bill that repeals the long-problematic SGR formula for Medicare physician reimbursement, and ushers in a new era in value-based physician payment

Analytics Reaches Oncology Practice, and End-Users Anticipate Major Changes

April 16, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
As cancer centers become squeezed by policy and reimbursement cross-currents, oncology managers look to analytics for support

Concurrent eCQMs and abstracted CQMs Key to Good Quality Management

April 14, 2015   |  Kayt Sukel
Fernando Velasco, CHIO of Texas Health Resources, and Maggie Lohnes from Sound Informatics, discuss the quality management ecosystem--and how healthcare organizations can best navigate the ever-evolving quality management maze.

Notes from Physicians’ IT Symposium: The Journey from Tech-Driven to Data-Driven Care

April 13, 2015   |  David Raths
Bert Reese, CIO of Sentara Healthcare, said he used to think the hard part of working with an EHR was the selection and implementation. “Later, I realized it wasn’t about the EHR but about the data it produced," he said.

Disappointing Proposed Change to Stage 2 Looms Over Patient Engagement Symposium

April 12, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
The air was let out of the room towards the end of a great panel at the patient engagement symposium, part of the pre-HIMSS education at the 2015 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Chicago.

Survey Says: Physicians Aren’t Happy with Meaningful Use

April 2, 2015   |  Gabriel Perna
When the story of technology in healthcare is retold years from now, it’s very possible that doctors will blot out the words “meaningful use” the same way little Jewish kids blot out Haman during the story of Purim. A recent survey we conducted made it clear that...

Crossing the Threshold Into a New Healthcare Policy Era: CHIME’s Jeff Smith Looks Forward

April 2, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Jeff Smith, vice president of public policy at CHIME, is helping the healthcare IT executive leaders’ national association to make major waves on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies these days

A Medical Group CMO Explains Her Participation in HHS’ New Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network

March 28, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Nancy Beran, M.D., CMO of Westchester Health, a 120-physician multispecialty group in Westchester County, N.Y., explains why she and her colleagues are participating in the new Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

Premier Inc.’s Blair Childs on the Coming Revolution in Physician Payment Incentives

March 27, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
One day after the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would overhaul physician reimbursement under Medicare, Premier’s Blair Childs spoke with HCI Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland about the dramatic changes ahead in physician payment

Stage 3 Proposal Embraces Open API Movement

March 24, 2015   |  David Raths
Although it rejected recommendations to limit Stage 3's focus to interoperability, CMS is looking to application programming interfaces to provide patients with access to their health information through third-party applications with more flexibility than...
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